Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Ipod Shuffle Quiz, this is fun and very funny!

Here is a fun little post... something to do when you know you need to post something but you are having writer's block...some of these are soo funny and soo true or soo totally untrue!

iTunes Tag
1. Put your iTunes on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

"Till We Run Out of Road" Jewel (fits)
"Bleeding Love" Leona Lewis (hmm)
"Don't wanna Lose You Now" Backstreet Boys (not the most fitting)
"From the Bottom of my Broken Heart" Britney Spears (lol)
"Heaven" DJ Sammy (fits but kinds freaky)
"Feels Like Heaven" Urban Cookie (seriously two heaven type songs in a row, is this telling me something, I sure hope not, not yet anyways)
"Good Friend to me" Jessica Andrews (this song so fits my IPod must know what I am doing.
"Greased Lightning" Grease (lmao)
9.WHAT IS 2+2?
"Near you Always" Jewel (aww it fits and it is cute)
"Im the Only One" Melissa Ethridge (rotflmao)
"I want you" BDB feat Lisa 9again awwww)
"For the girl who has everything" N Sync (my Husband cracked up on this one)
"Life on Mars" The Moffatts (is my IPod trying to tell me something?)
"Hand in Hand" Hanson (cute...)
"Hear Me" Mr X (um ok...)
"Little Sister" Jewel (um sure)
"See me climb" Stealth (up to heaven I guess [I hope])
"Adrian" Jewel (huh)
"The Fire inside" Bob Seger (ok sure...)
"Sanctuary" Madonna (...)
"Ill be there for you" The Moffatts (not sure how that will work.. or maybe...)
"I kissed a girl" Katy Perry (this one has to be my favourite rotfl hee hee)
"Redneck woman"- Gretchen Wilson (pretty funny too)
"Tears in Heaven" Eric Clapton (Again whats with all of this heaven talk, plus I'm already married.
"My oh My" Aqua (must be that bad my IPod wont even tell me lol)
"Look at you" Hanson (he now dont get hostile)
"Who will save your soul" Jewel (alltime favourite song)
"Savin me" Nickelback (So true)
"Take a bow" Madonna What country is that in again?)
"But I do Love you" Leanne Rimes (awww thats sweet)
"bullet proof" Goo Goo dolls (I'd like to think I am)
"Drips" Eminem (not a nice name you mean Ipod you)
"It's Allright" Sista (husband laughed at this one too)
"Business" Eminem (yes so you better do this fun activity too!
...okay, that's it, friends. Your turn. Here's to good iFate and clever randomness!
This was pretty fun you dont have to use an I pod just anything with a shuffle option or even the radio, I want to know if you did this so leave a comment letting me know, I think this is kinds cool cause then you can hear other peoples music tastes and music from all over the world DO IT I KNOW YOU WANT TO!! Please for me lol its fun, and it picked out the oldies that I copied onto my IPod from my old CD's for several songs ahh reminiscing.

Love Candace

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm in a Christmas mood today...

Just a little over a month until Christmas, I am a little sad that I will not be participating in any craft fairs this year but this just means that i will have an abundance of stuff to sell next year!

This card I made for my one of me dear friends baby boy he was born on September 16th 2010 so this will be his first Christmas. he is the cutest little boy, looks just like his mommy.

I have decided that i am going to enter this card into the following challenges;

1) - winter weather- (didn't make deadline whoops)
3) - we three (three snowflake embellishments)
Hope I win, I am really proud of this card and I hope little Tyson will like it, to see the glimmer click on the card for a bigger picture, the blue background paper is glitter, the image is colored with glitter gel pens, and i used little gems on different places on the card so there is lots of glimmer and bling. Thanks for visiting please leave a comment I really do appreciate them!
Love Candace

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three Challenges today!

Just a quick card for me today, I wanted to be productive even though it was kinda crappy today, I have found a few different challenges for this card, which even though was easy it was fun to put together. I used that sparkly craft foam again as a window pane which Santa and his reindeer are looking in. I have used little pearl stick ons to be snowflakes click the picture to look more closely hope you enjoy, here are the challenges:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Challenge card and other stuff!

A very productive day today, I worked on my Art Journal and I made a card slowly i am getting back into the swing of things I just don't like how my craft room has no TV or computer so I am working in silence and all of my card making stuff is up there and there is just too much to lug down two flights of stairs every time I want to make a card, and I have a teeny tiny living room so I can't migrate all of my stuff down here permanently oh well, my mom comes and keeps me company when I am making a card...OK back on topic I am so happy with this card and I decided that I would enter it into
1) - sketch
2) stars
This sketch was so fun I had a blast using that glittery foam, I have no idea where i got it but I want more!

The next picture i wanted to share with you is one that we took when we were waiting for hubby to pick up a jacket that he bought off of Kijiji. We were sitting by this beautiful lake in Victoria Harbour Ontario and the sun was setting and it was so beautiful!

The third and fourth pictures are me and my hubby making hemp necklaces, bracelets and anklets, we have a couple of vendors that buy them off of us and we need the extra money so we have been pretty much doing this constantly for the past few days to bring some extra cash in. Isn't my hubby cute?

Last picture is of me, and I look so big its because my knees are underneath and stretching out my nightie, no by no means am I skinny but this picture makes me look weirdly proportioned

Well hope more people start coming back around I fell kinda lonely in my corner of the blogging world I have had a few comments which I greatly appreciate, I am always checking to see if someone has visited, I know that my blog has been inactive but I'm back!

If you read this can you please read my last post I'd love to get some answers on previous questions I have asked in my last entry thanks everyone!

Love Candace

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just wondering....

Whooo hooo two posts in a row I told you I am back on track! Feeling kinda crummy today so not much in the line of productivity was done, blog hopped a little, drooled over some stamps I would love to have but can't afford lol such is life. I would like to do a swap of some sorts and would like to know how and where to get involved, so if anyone out there is still reading this I would love some advice! Till tomorrow...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Im Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (with a challenge Card!)

Ok so I haven't been keeping up with this whole blog thing, starting now I am going to try to post everyday whether it be creations that I make, interesting blogs or websites I find etc, but I will get readers coming back to my blog I will!

Whooo hooo this is my first card in forever, I dint have access to my craft room for the past couple of months but now I do so on with creating! I am so excited! I have decided to enter this card into just one challenge to warm myself up and that challenge will be which is a sketch this week, I had lots of fun with it and I hope you like it! I have already started my card for tomorrow I have a lot of catching up to do, and I miss the blogging world so leave some comments if you come visit to let me know that you are still out there!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ok Major Update.....

Yes I have been bad with blogging, bad with card making , bad with really doing anything in general, however i have some news if anyine is stilll out there reading this....

On Monday I am going to a treatment center for 8 weeks, I come home only on the weekends and this is going to help me get better! Then i will be back to regular Candace (hopefully) and I will start crafting and posting again, I will be visiting all of your blogs and seeing all of your creations and it will be great! Sorry I haven't been the best online friend but being sick sucks and I will try my hardest to be a better friend when I am better, i will post updates of my progress on the weekends while I am home and when I get home I am going to get in touch with all of you!

Thanks for understanding


Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am an Artist!!

You Are 61% Creative

You are beyond creative. You are a true artist - even if it's not in the conventional sense of the word.

You love creating for its own sake, and you find yourself quite inspired at times.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some more Journal pages,,,,only one person in the Giveaway!

Here are 2 more pages from my Journal, as you can see the yellow tabs at the top, those are unfinished pages and this is why I can only post a few at a time. I still only have one entry for my giveaway! Is anyone out there reading my blog? I miss you guys, come back please!!!! I'll come visit you and then you come visit me ok? Am I talking to myself? I think I
If your Lurking leave a comment I will be forever greatful!
Love Candace

Friday, August 6, 2010

No one wanted my Giveaway?

I had a giveaway and I guess no one is reading my blog so I will extend it to Sept 1 8pm EST.

I am going to start posting pictures from my art journal and if no one comes to look at them at least I have posted them.

1) This is the first page of my journal, though it is not the first page in the book, that is still blank, I am one of those people who don't know what to put on the very first page...
2) Sorry this picture is sideways..?..This is obviously my name which I had fun zentangling
and things about me, took forever to do the letters for my name but very relaxing while watching our favourite movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

3) The next two pages are what I am proud of, there is writing in the word itself but its hard to read because I used a gel pen. On the second page re pictures of what I described on the previous page.
Clockwise from left, bottom pic described last
1)My first day of school
2) my first visit with my firstborn nephew
3) Me in my air cadet uniform
4) Me getting stuck on this humongous climbing thing which my dad helped me through
5)My baby picture
Hope you enjoyed these pages more to come tomorrow, Sorry I have been a little hostile about my blog I just wish people would come and visit, I miss you guys and I am going to be getting back into the groove. I am feeling much better then before so thanks for your prayers and thoughts.
Love Candace

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Is any one out there? I have a giveaway!!!!!

Here are the pictures I said that I was going to upload in my last post, blogger finally let me do it! This first one here is a digital scrap booking piece I did for my bestie from a program that my mom bought, not sure what it is called, this is only my second attempt at digital scrap booking, the first was for my dad for fathers day, which I didn't get a picture of. This now hangs above her water cooler in her kitchen.

The second one I did was also for the same person, I used the technique which is called zentangles, the website for this is

The third one is what is going to be a very large wall piece, I am doing my Husband and my names, that's 11 letters, 11 frames!

Ok so I decided that I am going to do a giveaway to bring back my readers and hopefully some new ones, I am giving away a personalized picture like the one's that you see above, it can have your initial, your name, any name for that matter, a short quote, a simple shape whatever you wish, If your name is drawn on Wed July 28 I ill get to work and make one how you wish! i can do colors of your choosing, or just black and white. To enter here's what you got to do.
1) Leave a comment in this post, with your favourite quote or saying and the author.
2) Post a pic of the "C" picture on your blog in your sidebar.
3) Tell me where you are coming from , are you my follower, did you come from a sidebar
I hope to meet new people and make new friends with this giveaway. I will draw July 28 Good Luck everyone!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hi Everyone!

I am so sorry, I have been such a bad blogger, and blog friend! I am going to try my hardest to start posting as much as possible, things have just been really bad for the past little while, I have been at my lowest point in my life with my mental health and during this time a previous boyfriend of mine died in a car crash, which was very painful for those who loved him to get through. Things are starting to look up, I am on new medication and I am going to be getting acupuncture so everything is worth a try right? The only concerns that I have right now are my thyroid is acting up and my white blood cells are high and the doctor doesn't know why so I have to get some tests done to find out what is going on. I haven't even been making cards, but that is going to start up again too. But don't think that I am not going to share some pictures with you, on my comeback post! I have been drawing and I would like to share!

Grr blogger is not letting me upload, I will try again in a bit with a new post, sorry!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Hope my friends are still around....

It has been nearly a month since I posted anything and I am so sorry, I hope not to lose any one of you as followers as I value your friendship. I have probably been at my worst this past month so my doctor finally put me on some stronger medication, it has been hard and I dont think things can get much worse so it can only be uphill from here. I havent been crafting making cards or anything but that is hopefully to change in the next week or so, thanks so much for understanding and looking foward to getting back into the swing of things soon, stick around!

Love Candace

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Mommy's (yes I call her that) Mother's day card

I made this card for my Mom, she really likes cats and hello kitty and I wanted to make her something that would display pretty. This is my first time making one of these cards and they look pretty but are a pain in the butt, there was alot of trial and error here! I am not entering it into any challenges because my OCD told me not to. Confused? I was planning on entering it into challenges but then something in my mind told me that something bad would happen if I did. Sounds silly but this happens to me all of the time, like if I am making a collage and I cut something out for it and go to use it something tells me not to again because something will happen or if I check to see if the door is locked and then walk away and say did I check it, when I try to reassure I did and walk away, I get a bad feeling and must go check it again. All of this on top of my anxiety whew! I'm not going to lie I like entering challenges with the hopes of winning, especially if there is a prize, because I still haven't gotten out to spend that money I still can't leave the house, and I need new card making stuff, oh well hopefully my conscience will let me enter a card tomorrow. I sure wish Santa would come now, cause sending my husband shopping isn't going to work and Santa knows what a card maker needs to make her happy, too bad I have 7 months till Christmas for him to come!

Thought I would share a pic of my lovely bratty spoiled kitty "Princess" Belle. She thinks she is a dog, she barks, its cute, and weird but I love her.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Niece's birthday card Challenge entry

I posted two posts yesterday and no one came to visit, guess the posts were boring lol!

I found out today that I made top 5 at!
Yay me, made my day a little brighter!

I made a card for my Niece's 10th Birthday, really wanted to accomplish something today and I am so glad that I finished a card! I used a freebie image from Dustin Pike who is an awesome illustrator and creates amazing digi images if you haven't been to his blog you should go, his images are awesome I just wish there was a way I could buy his images because I would in a second, the ones he has for sale are drool worthy, and I would by all of them they are very low priced and well worth it, but alas I cant purchase something over the computer and pass cash through the computer screen or I would.

I am entering this card in the following challenges: - Girly with flowers - Desert Island (can't live without sticky gems need to have them!) blooms (flowers) flowers song title (The happy birthday song counts right?) sketch birthday with sweet treat 3 layers 2 DPS 1 ribbon (ribbon in center underneath star brads) flowers girly flowers blooms (flowers) bling Make it sweet girlie Birthday anything goes Birthday metallic (star brads)

Whew didn't think I would qualify for that many! looking for these challenges keeps me busy, take up a good hour to go through my list to See what I qualify for and then each morning I go through each of the challenge blogs to see if they have a new challenge. I am learning with my anxiety that I have to keep my mind focused on other things so I don't have time to think about my anxiety so if going through all of the challenges takes up some of my time then its all good, I need some excitement in my life and I love the anticipation of entering challenges! Hope you don't find it rude I enter so many.

Really want to leave the house I am getting cabin fever I think, I am going stir crazy, and I want to stock up my stash of craft supplies so bad, I was talking with Ryan today and we realized I have pretty much been confined to the house for almost 6 months! That's crazy, I have been sick for almost 3 years but its this past 6 months have been the worst, and the past month the absolute worst. How much longer nobody knows but I know I am not going to wake up tomorrow and be better and that's kind of depressing. Anyways enough of the depressing stuff for today, just feels good to get it out, you know what I mean?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Garage Sale finds on April 24

This is my second post for today yay me! If you want to read my last post you know where to find it, just letting you know it is there! I wanted to show what I got at garage sales this past weekend, I absolutely love them, and in the morning I am at my best, and my anxiety levels are low so I am able to go out for a hour or so, not long enough for the stores to open and to shop but early enough to find some thrifty finds!
Here is a list of the stuff I got from left to right
1) All three sisterhood of the travelling pants books (I liked the movie)$1.50
2) 12 Spools of ribbon (only eight shown)- $2.00 for 12
3) Wool - $1.00 for all
4) Slippers (so comfortable) $5.00
5)huge box of glitter leaves flowers etc. (click on pic for closer look)- $3.00 for box
6) maze book- 25 cents
7) In next picture see that desk? I got it for $5.00, yes you are reading that right, awesome deal! We didn't have a computer desk and this family was moving and wanted to get rid of it because they had bought their son anew one for their new home!

Total spent at Garage Sales= $17.75

Pretty good don't you think? Its a full moon tonight and it is pretty If you live somewhere that it is just becoming nighttime now, look out the window for the moon!

Its a sad day...moving on...

Yesterday two of my rats died, I will spare the details as Ryan said that I don't want to know them. We have had the first two Rats Disney and Lola for two years and more recently we got Coco and Chanel. It was Disney and Coco that passed on, Disney was my rat, the first one we got and anyone that has had rats for pets understands what great pets they make. For those of you squirming, they are not your gross street rats, and they are really smart. Don't believe in the stereotype of rats! I never got a picture of Coco but here is a picture of Disney

It is just the same as losing a cat or a dog it is really sad, they were our babies and we will miss them RIP Disney and Coco. ( Trying not to cry as I type this)

Ok I'm going to change the subject to get my mind off of that. Thank you for your advice on where to spend that money, I have yet to go shopping because I have not been well enough to leave the house, I tried twice and couldn't do it, I got frustrated because I don't know why this is the way it is for me but it's frustrating to not beable to go shopping and from the way things are going doesn't look like its going to be anytime soon. I want new stuff to play with!

Today I am going to try and make some cards, I have been coloring some images I just havent been up to the craft room which is another thing too, I feel comfortable and relaxed in my room, and to go upstairs is a big challenge for me but I want to try today!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Opinions Please ASAP thanks love you guys!

OK so I am on Ontario Disability which is basically like a pension kind of for people that cant work due to disabilities. They offer a one time start up cheque for people that are receiving disability when you either go back to work to buy work supplies or if you are looking at starting a home based business they give you this one time amount. My case worker was over yesterday and I told her that I plan to get more serious with my card making hopefully turning it into a source of income down the road, she agreed that I could benefit from the start up cheque and I am getting it tomorrow. It is for the amount of $500CAD. Now because my husband and I don't have loads of money we obviously want to buy something I normally wouldn't be able to buy otherwise maybe. I looked into the Cricut obviously that was my first choice but they are really expensive and the cartridges are expensive as well I would never be able to afford to buy these cartridges. So I looked at the Cuttlebug and it seems more reasonable but not a whole lot of choice of stuff I can go to the stores here in Barrie and buy, I don't know what to do, I would like opinions regarding what would be a wise investment with this money, I don't even necessarily need either of these machines, I just want to spend this money wisely because I will never have this to spend on card making stuff ever again, Please help, I 'm stressed out, I know you guys are all well educated in card making and will help me!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Multiple challenges!

I made this card for my Mother in law for her birthday, this is the first time I have used a Magnolia stamp so I hope I did it proud, I loved coloring her with my gel pens, thanks again Lyn for the stamps, now that my craft room is workable I can start stamping! I was leaning the card up against my cat because she wouldn't move when I was trying to take the picture so it looks a little crooked but that is OK, you get the idea. The challenges I have entered this card into are listed below. Read below for more life updates. - Flowers and wings (stamp has wings flower near sentiment) - Happy Birthday - Touchy feely things with texture ( ribbon, flower) - Bling (jewels on sentiment and balloon) - Something for the Girls - pretty pearls ( on the base of the balloon and on her hair bow - things with wings (stamp has wings) - cutie pie (stamp is cute!) - use green as the main color - girly girl

So yes more about the hospital as some have been asking, the waiting list is so long that they think I will get in around January, yes you read that right, is that not horrible? I don't know how they expect me to go on for that much longer, I don't know how much worse things could get and how much worse I can feel let alone how long I have to do it for, everyday is a struggle and I hate it. When I get better I am going to fight the system to get this whole waiting list thing changed, the money is not provided by the government to fund more mental health facilities therefore the wait times are terrible, voices need to be heard things need to be changed, and when I am stronger my voice will be heard! ( OK enough of the ranting and political stuff)

I so would like to get out of the house, and do some supply shopping its something that I just cannot send my Husband to do, he doesn't understand, there are thing I need and can't go out to get them!

My husband made this card for his mother and he said I could post it I think that he did an awesome job, even though the picture I took of it isn't that great

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cheering my self up....

Lets get down to business, first I am entering this card into several challenges - Letter "B" (Butterflies) - Texture (velvet ribbon) - Challenge Challenge (made my first easel card!) Monomania (Shades of green) - (butterflies) - sketch fancy folds (easel card) - on the spot (dotted paper on base of card) - Bows - things with wings (butterflies) anything goes inspire others (easel card) - green - get well soon - texture (velvet ribbon)

Whew now that's out of the way, hope I win! I tried to make an easel card because I have never made one and they are much easier then I thought, this will be a card I make quite often, I really enjoyed it. I chose to make a get well card I guess to cheer my self up, I have been feeling really bad this past week, the hubby says its the worst that its been in the three years that I have been sick. I have decided not to leave the house, because I cant make it past the front door, I am going stir crazy being trapped in here though but I know going out will be much worse. I am OK while my meds are fresh in me but they wear off quick, and then I have to wait till my next dose, so right now I am fine. but wont be long enough to go anywhere. No shopping for me. Anyways enough about the sad stuff, I don't want to drive you all away, because who wants to read a depressing blog?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

In the near future...

Hopefully I will be posting more creations soon, however just a heads up as to what is going on with my life.

I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday past, and he told me that he didn't think that just going in to see him once a week was enough. He says my anxiety and other problems are more serious then what he thought when he decided to take me on as a patient so......

Next week he is going to be starting a process to send me to a hospital in Whitby Ontario which deals with mental disorders. I will be staying there for I don't know how long, he feels that I need round the clock treatment so I can get better sooner, because it has almost been 3 years that I have been this sick.

It's kind of embarrassing to think that I am going to be in a mental hospital, not something to be proud of, I have been in the hospital before but not one just dedicated to mental illness and it was hard, because despite the anxiety I am functional, I am not a danger to anyone, and I can think clearly, I don't like that anxiety is under the category mental illness because of stereotypes, its sounds worse then it really is.

I don't know exactly when I will be going, could be a week or even a month from now, it is when they have the room for me, its just a waiting game, hopefully I will have more creations to post before then but if not please do stick around because I will be back, I'm just letting everyone know now whats up just in case.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Several themed Challenges, one card!

Look, there is a surprise, a baby chick who wants to party because it's spring time and he is here in time for Easter! ( I am sleep deprived just go with me...)

Ive never entered a card into more then one challenge before but I was organizing my challenge list and there was many challenges that this card fit into and I see other people do it so why not the challenges I have entered are: - Glitter

Whew that was a lot and now I have to go back and link them all to my blog post. I had a lot of fun making this card i like that the little birdie is hidden and I used a brad so the egg would open and you can see inside, I personally haven't seen this anywhere so I feel pretty smart, because usually I am not so creative. This is on purple card stock but you can't really tell again they are not the greatest pictures.
Last thing, i am requesting every ones snail mail addresses which you can send via, when you get the chance please do, and type it exactly how it is to go on the envelope, I know address formatting is different in different places. have a good night/morning everyone and hopefully with all of these challenges I have entered I will do good on one, or maybe even win one!
*Hugs* Candace

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lexi's Creations Challenge 10

This is for the challenge over at Lexi's creations, the theme is Easter and I am also entering to try and become a DT member for this blog, I tried a gazillion times to take this picture, and a s I have never made a card like this I didn't know how to photograph it but regardless I think that it came out OK. Sorry not much chatter tonight but I am feeling kind of crummy, Will post later!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cute Card Thursday Challenge-104

This is my entry for the challenge over at Cute Card Thursday, it's nice to be creating again, even though stuff still isn't organized. The theme was Anniversaries however birthdays and weddings were also acceptable, I decided to make a card for my Best friend who's birthday is tomorrow.

In the picture it looks like it says 20th but in real life it does say 28th! I plan to fill the inside of the card with memories over the past year, make it like a collage, I just didn't want to do it before as this card is being entered into a challenge. Her special nickname just between us is Dolly but her real name is Tanya and my nickname is Sunni, but I'm sure you can see that on the card.
The pictures below are of a new friend we have that lives in the tree in our backyard, a raccoon! We live in the city in a very busy neighbourhood but I guess it likes our tree so that is where it sleeps during the day getting all rested up for a night of getting into garbage cans and causing other mischief!

I have two more cards made but I am having a problem getting a good enough picture of them so I will keep trying and have them up soon!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Drumroll Please.......I made a card(Our Creative Corner- Color Challenge)!!!!!!!!

I have not given everyone a chance to read my last post and already I have a new one, I'm on a roll, so if you haven't read the last one you know what to do, I just want to make sure everyone reads it and goes and visits the blog I mentioned. What blog you ask? Well read previous to find out!

I did a challenge over at Our Creative Corner, It was a color challenge, and yes it was a Challenge, the colors (Yellow, Pink, Green, Brown) are colors I would never use together but I made it work and I think it came out OK considering I haven't made a card in so long!
I would like to share a website with you that I have been having great fun with There is so much fun stuff to do with pictures, lots of fun effects, photo correction, text most of it is free, you can get a membership and pay for way more cool features which I can't do but nevertheless I am having fun with the free stuff on this site, I made my card look better then the actual picture, and I also made my brand new blog header with it. I'm still learning but the free stuff is totally worth checking out!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coming soon...

So we are finally getting the craft room organized so I hope to have some cards up here in one or two days, I just posted some cards in the mail to some of you but I'm not telling who, it will be a surprise when you get it in your mail box! I like surprises so I'm sure you do too!

The weather has been great here in my part of Canada, warm temperatures, no snow it has been making me feel in better moods, hopefully the white stuff is gone for good!

I am sorry i haven't been posting I have been busy trying to get stuff unpacked but I do promise that this blog is going to get way better and you are going to want to hopefully put it on your morning coffee blog hop list. I am thankful for all of you, my friends that I have met (virtually of course) I wish I could meet you all in person, but you never know!

Today I want to share with you the blog of a truly amazing woman that I have never met but intend to when we eventually take our trip to the UK. Her blog and everything on it is beautiful and very inspiring, its the type of stuff that makes your jaw drop to the floor, I have mentioned before I was lucky enough to receive some of her work, and I have to tell you, shes got massive talent. Also very recently I asked for some stamped images and a few of you replied that you would send me some, She sent me a package that made me cry, along with several and I mean several stamped images, she sent me a ton of Magnolia stamps, yes the real thing, actual stamps. I just find it truly amazing the heart that she has to send me what she did, I can't believe the generosity to someone that she hasn't even met, really am I that special? She sure made me feel that way.

When I am straightened out with my craft room and health permitting I plan to show you who I am as well, I love putting smiles on other peoples faces and I think that is what is going to make me better and getting my life on track and that is doing what i am here to do and that is make a difference in someone else's life, I have big dreams in my life to make changes in others lives and that is what gets me through the day!

Hope the weather is nice where you are, Good night/Morning everyone!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

What do you think?

I still haven't had time to sit down and make a card and I am seriously going through withdrawal, soon as the craft room is organized and I can get to the boxes of stuff I will create! Trying to find inspiration for some of my other hobbies as well, I love working on my art journal, and I will maybe post some pics of that another day.

On an exciting note I cooked Supper for my family for the first time ever tonight and it was horrible! It was called Chicken Strata, I don't know what I did wrong, I followed a recipe but i tell ya....eww

I am going through Olympic withdrawal as well, absolutely love watching them and now they are over = (

I really like the picture I previously posted of my Niece with the airplane so I struck the same pose hopefully soon we will have time to go down to the Airport soon and do some more plane spotting and i can try to think of some cool picture ideas!
I want to try to post a video on my blog of my wedding in Cuba as well as other pictures that I compiled with music. It's a DVD that I put together for everyone that couldn't make it to our wedding (which was everyone) Its a mixture of video clips and pictures, with music featuring the wedding, our swim with the dolphins which was absolutely hilarious and other pictures. I need your opinion would you like to see this? If so I will try to post it. I like sharing positive things, especially because some of my posts are not to positive, so i need your input! have a good night everyone!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A little of me...

I just noticed I lost a follower, that makes me sad, I don't know what i did, I have been busy and haven't been posting all that much recently but why did they go? No one else is going to leave right?

I found this on a blog awhile back and i completed it an had it saved on my computer thought I would share it with you so you caould learn a little bit about me, try it for yourself its actually fun!

Layers of Me
Your Birthdate: 12/22/1983
Righty or Lefty: Lefty
Your middle name: Rose Lee

Your heritage: I have no idea, sad isn’t it? I’d love to know, but no one else seems to know they just say Canadian. Well obviously, but who were my ancestors?
The shoes you wore today: Barefoot
Your weakness: Shopping
Your fears: death, spiders, lightning, fire, sharks
Your perfect pizza: feta cheese, broccoli Goal you'd like to achieve: Overcome my mental illness

LAYER THREE: Your most overused phrase: RYAN!!!!! (as in me calling for him from another room)
Your best physical feature: my eyes
Your bed time: Whenever
Your most missed memory: Air Cadets (Something that you do to prepare yourself for the military which I never did due to my illness) Best memories, consumed all of my teenage years! I could go on forever talking about it.

Pepsi or Coke: Neither really, I like ginger ale and grape pop.
McDonald's or Burger King: McDonalds
Single or group dates: I’m married but I did prefer single dates.
Adidas or Nike: Not really into brand names

LAYER FIVE: Do you... Cuss: sometimes
Sing: yes, and I have been to Canadian Idol and also won a singing contest in the Dominican republic
Do you think you've been in love: I hope so I have a husband!
Want to go to college: again for a 4th time? Sure! I'd go forever if I could, but would rather take the classes at home because I cant leave the house all that much
Like(d) high school: no the people there were stuck up and the classes way to easy and boring!
Want to get married: already am
Believe in yourself: Sometimes
Get motion sickness: no
Think you're a health freak: no
Get along with your parents: yes
Like thunderstorms: See above my fears
Play an instrument: yes, piano, guitar, bagpipes and vocal.

LAYER SIX:In the past month, have you...
Drink alcohol: no
Done drugs: no
Gone on a date: no
Gone to the mall: no
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no
Eaten Sushi: no
Been on stage: no
Been dumped: no
Made homemade cookies: yes
Gone skinny dipping: no
Dyed your hair: no,
Stolen anything: no

Been called a tease: yes
Gotten beaten up: got punched in the face by someone who was high and thought I was someone else at a bar!

Age you hope to be married: Got married at 24
Numbers and Names of Children: we want two, for the girls name we like Melody Hannah and for a boy Tyler Devin
Describe your dream wedding: Well I definitely wouldn’t be describing my actual wedding and it was not my dream wedding trust me
How do u want 2 die: peacefully in my sleep and very very old
Where you want to go to college: online
What you want to be when you grow up: I don’t want to ever grow up
Place(s) would you like to visit: Europe, especially Greece, Egypt, California, South Africa, Thailand, Costa Rica etc…
LAYER NINE: In opposite sex.
Best eye color: blue but my husband has brown
Best hair color: dark which my hubby has!
Height: 6 feet which is about my husbands height
Best articles of clothing: jeans, and a nice hooded sweatshirt
Best first date location: coffee
Best first kiss location: the lips!

Number of drugs: Illegal? None.
Number of people I could trust in my life: Definitely 7 maybe more Number of CDs that I own: All of my cd’s have been transferred to iTunes and they are old, haven’t bought a new cd in years and years
Number of piercing: six- two in each lobe, one on the upper ear (cartilage?) and my belly button
Number of tattoos: two, dolphins on my shin above my ankle and shooting stars on my foot that I had done with my best friend who is in the military
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: Grandma used to put my birthday in the paper every year, plus other birthdays and our engagement, I am going to say around 20 maybe?
Number of scars on my body: hmm, I have one on my chin from when I thought I could fly and jumped off of the monkey bars in the winter, sliced my whole chin open, two days before the stitches came out I was jumping on the furniture and split it open again. I have a chicken pox scar on my forehead from stretching the skin for it not to itch, I was told not to scratch so I thought I had thought of another clever way, I was wrong,things in my past that I regret: The way that we chose to be married. We went to Cuba and go married by ourselves with no one there and it was not what I had envisioned, we then had a reception 5 months later and it went horribly wrong so if we renew our vows we will do it the right way in front of family. That is my biggest regret.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The move!!

Hey everyone, wow these last few days have been terrible, moving two homes into one is chaotic and everyone is on a short fuse and ugh...
My parents couldn't get there queen size box spring upstairs into there bedroom and it was a really expensive one and that's just the beginning of it.

Thanks again everyone for keeping me in your prayers, on Sunday night they were heard. It was probably the worst night if my life, I was about to go to sleep and all of a sudden it just hit me I had the worst anxiety attack I have ever had in my life to date, and considering I have them on a daily basis, this one was by far the worst. I felt I was losing control of my mind and my body and I was losing the battle, I didn't think I was going to come out of it, I was about ready to call an ambulance I'm sure glad that night has passed.

Anyways I can still receive mail at my old place because we have not sold as of yet. I think that I have gotten my address out to those who are kind enough to send me some images (i love you guys) but with all of the chaos I'm not sure who has my new address and who doesn't so leave a comment if i have not given you my new address and you want it and I will be sure to email it to you, and for those that I have given it too could you please email it to me just to ensure that I have given the proper one! Sorry of all of this confusion I just want to make sure your address book is correct! I will be up and running soon with more creations and visiting your blogs and seeing all of the lovelies that you have made soon! Thanks for being such great friends and for sticking around. Hugs to everyone!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Allsorts Week #39 and Tuesday Morning Sketches #33 two cards, two challenges again...

Card 1- Allsorts Challenge

Card 1- This is my entry for the Allsorts Challenge Blog Week 39. The challenge was a recipe challenge and that we had to use 3 of something, two of something and one of something. I used
3- Butterflies
2- Different decorative papers
1- Birthday Embellishment
My Grandmas birthday is coming up March 12 so made this card with her birthday in mind. The butterflies have come from the website I have went to for all of my other decoupage projects I love this site! My paper and letters were stuff that i had in my stash and the Birthday Embellishment came from some surprise goodies that were sent to me by BlackDragon
I had won a free digi image in a blog hop that she was involved in and she was kind enough to send me her projects that she used the images on which was a box and a card, and when I received it the box was filled with wonderful goodies, thank you so much!

Card 2- Tuesday Morning Sketches
Like the title of the blog this was a sketch challenge I felt like starting my Easter cards so I created one, for the challenge, The sketch was a little tricky but soon as I saw it it reminded me of an egg in the center, then I saw this cute 3d decoupage bunny over on photo bucket, I will give proper credit when I find the place to give it to. My papers are a mixture of just stuff I had and the cute butterflies that are at the top are from the dollar store.

I cant believe that I made so many cards today, despite all of the chaos, I couldn't leave the house because I wasn't up to it but I had to keep my mind busy so I made cards, I made three more but they are going to people who might read this blog, so check your mailboxes maybe its you!

Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm still alive...

Sorry I haven't been around, this is a very busy week, this is the week we get the keys to the new place, still haven't sold our place yet so keep us in your thoughts and hopefully we will sell! I don't know my new full address but when I do I will get it to those that said they would send me some stamped images, you guys are awesome i am so lucky to have met wonderful friends like you and if there is anything I can do for you, let me know! Stick around I will be back with more exciting stuff hopefully real soon when the chaos calms down!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wow I'm impressed-Two Cards, two challenges!

Entry for Just Cute Bears Challenge- Challenge #3 Hearts

Entry for Tuesday Morning Sketches #32

Just wanted to post the cards at the very top so the entry's can be seen by the judges as soon as they link to my post.
Card 1- I came across this challenge blog and thought this would be a fun challenge. I used a 3D decoupage image from the same place I used in from on my last 3D card, if you want to go check it out there are some super cute images to play with
I'm just mad that you can't tell it is 3D because I worked really hard cutting all of the little pieces out, so just imagine, you are seeing it in person because it is way better.
Card 2- Really like this Challenge blog, the people over there are great and the sketch for this week was super fun. I decided to do it Valentine themed and I did an iris folded heart on the front, soon as I saw this sketch I knew I wanted to do the iris folding, and I knew that I would just work the rest of my card around the heart which I wanted to be the focal point, after I made that heart everything else just came together,. I like this card because it is different and required my patience.
I have a question for anyone reading this and I'm hoping someone is able to help. I really would like a House Mouse or Magnolia stamp and would be willing to buy an old one that you may not be using, my Husband and I are not in the situation to have a credit card or even to set up pay pal right now but other payment arrangements could be made, I just really want to make a card with one of these images and I can't buy them brand new for the reasons listed above, I would even be willing to pay for some stamped images if your not willing to part with a stamp but I read on blogs that, that is wrong, and I don't know if this is corrector if it is OK to stamp images for someone else, anyways I hope you don't find me rude for asking but it never hurts right?
(As last time now on to non card related stuff)
We had a viewing today but we don't know the outcome yet, i have to wait till the real estate posts the feed back on the website, so cross your fingers and toes for us because we want this place sold!
Past Couple of days have been really hard for me I have been feeling a lot of agitation and anger because i am just so frustrated as to why I have to deal with being sick and why for so long. I have been this way for two and a half years, It will be 3 years in June. I am having several panic attacks a day at this moment and they pretty much follow a schedule,I have learned and tried all of the techniques possible and they don't work. Then during those periods of the day when I am not having my anxiety my mood is really low and sometimes I feel as if I am going to snap, and just lose control of my thoughts and actions which is the scariest thing ever and what's even worse is that its not a one time thing for me its on a frequent basis. When I am having these moments I do think of the prayers you all have sent me and it gets me through so I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sew Many Challenges -Challenge #3

I wanted to try a Challenge over at Sew Many Challenges, as I found their site during a blog hop and I won a $25 Gift Certificate to Stamp And Create and an upcoming top secret new release Rubber Stamp from Wags n' Whiskers (yes I copied my prize from over at the site itself that is why there is those hyperlink thingies which I don't know how to do.) It's a wonderful site and if you haven't been over there go check it out

They are a very friendly bunch and this challenge was super fun, so what are you waiting for finish reading my post and go take a look for yourself!

Anyways back on topic, the challenge was to use the colours red, silver and black with a Valentines Day theme, I love Precious Moments and thought that this would be perfect for the challenge. I am trying to get better by using more embellishments and going out of my comfort zone but this is something that I still have to work on.

(If you choose to continue reading this entry for other then the challenge you may, but I wouldn't want to bore you, it's just updates on how I'm feeling and stuff for those that are interested. For those here to see my entry that's it for card related stuff in this post. I feel that I should keep the two topics separate for those who choose not to know what is going on with me personally and just want to see my card, eitherway I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and visit. Your comment's mean the world to me!)

-------UPDATES IN MY LIFE-----------

Just under two weeks until we get the keys for the townhouse, and just over two weeks till we have the moving truck, we still haven't sold our place yet, but it will probably look better and sell quicker if nothing is in it. With it being a trailer, the emptier it is the better, that way it looks bigger and people can use their imaginations, I'm imagining its a lot different then selling a house. Hopefully it sells before then but who knows. The real estate agent said that she thinks it is going to sell soon but until someone puts in an offer its any ones guess. Enough with that, boring....

Still feeling crappy, I went to the doctors and he upped my Seroquel by 25mg which is hardly nothing, He still doesn't have me on an anti-depressant which makes me feel like I am missing something. It's making it hard to function. I want to be going out and living a normal life, not missing everything because I can't leave the house, I feel like I am in this horrible rut and I'm spinning around in circles

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stamp Something Delightfully Delicious Challenge

First I will post the picture for the challenge, describe it then I will ramble!

This is my entry for the challenge over at The challenge was to create something that was delightfully delicious.

I got this freebie Digi from She is so cute and I thought with the cupcake this would be a perfect image for the challenge. The patterned paper is one that came with a pad of papers from Michael`s. 180 sheet`s for $20 CAD. I`m pretty sure I got a good deal. Colored her with regular markers, pencil crayons and gel pens and the other paper and embellishments and stuff is all from the Dollarama, The thumb is mine lol.

This is the first card I have made in a little bit but after I move the ball is going to get rolling a little under three weeks and I will be able to create, socialize and visit more on all of your wonderful and inspiring blogs! I do miss having the time, and I really do get excited to see that someone has posted something new and I have a feeling that I am not the only one like this. Ahh the life of a blogger! Ok, yeah now I'm rambling. It`s been kinda quiet on my blog so come by enjoy what I have to show you and prepare for more excitement in the next couple of weeks!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Niece's and Airplanes

Hi, sorry i haven't been posting, just alot going on right now and getting up the energy is another thing, I am going to try better to maintain the friendships that i have made with all of you but just bear with me till I get moved and then things will be much better.

So back in December I won a Challenge at I was a featured stamper for January 5, 2010 and this was my creation;

The image was a digi that I purchased with my winnings from Inktegrity, same with the happy mail circle thing (Where is my vocabulary?) The brads are from Michael's. The image is colored with good ole' Crayola markers, cause I can't afford to buy the fancy ones that I drool over when i see them on all of your blogs, but there fine for now.

My Husband's niece came over for the night so I decided to keep her busy, we would make cards, she loves doing many things at once, so I was happy that she was actually really focused on making this card. I showed her the sketch which was the same that i had to make for the Featured Stamper spot, and I helped when she asked for it but other then that she did it all on her own! Below is the two of us holding the cards that we made, didn't she do awesome! And shes only 9! (Please excuse the way I look in these pictures, I look like a slob, but i can polish up if need be!)

This is my workspace in all of its glory until we move. I have my bed and a little TV tray. This is the only room we are using because we live in a trailer and have the living room basically empty to make it look bigger, so everything is done from the bed. It is terrible, but a couple of more weeks.

The last image i will leave you with today is our Niece watching the big KLM Asia come into Toronto Pearson, we took her to see the planes as she has never been before and the funniest thing was, not longer after we got there they stopped landing on the runway that we watch them on and they were landing on a runway they never use! Trust me we have been down there to plane watch enough times to find this very odd, so we didn't get to see a whole lot of planes that day but i love this picture. There is only one plane that comes bigger then this and that's the A380 but it wasn't landing that day so the 777 will have to do. I am so glad i caught this picture because it's moving pretty fast I took a double one, so it took two pictures consecutively and you should see how much it moved in that one second, if my timing would have been off another second I wouldn't have got this shot! Well if you are still reading this then you really must still love me, hopefully I will post again tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Unsatisfied production...

So I start this post untitled, I don't know where I am going with it yet, I just thought I would start typing and see where it takes me. Lately I have been working more on my art journal which I intend to post pictures of really soon, my card making is coming up unsatisfactory, I have a card ready to be posted for a challenge, I think I just don't know if I am satisfied with it yet.

I am curious to know something, How do you do a random act of kindness and keep it a surprise if you don't have the persons address? This boggles me and please let me know! I received my first blog candy win in the mail on Monday from Lisa and I was so happy, I have never ever received a package in the mail that required a signature before in my life it was the coolest thing, I almost could have cried, it was pretty emotional, and all the goodies were beautiful especially the handmade items which I hope to take a picture of and post with her permission of course. I would have already posted pics of this and of my journalling but my printer is beside my bed ( I put the memory card in there to upload the pictures) and near the ground underneath this cabinet thing and i get dizzy when i bend down like that (stupid med side effects) so I have to wait for my hubby to do it. In one month we are moving into a townhouse with my parents, which I am really excited for. See my trailer is up for sale right now and it is small so my only workspace is my bed because most of the furniture is in the shed to make the living space look bigger. all of my craft stuff is underneath the bed, which hubby has to get as well for me. It is supper annoying! When we move into my parents , my mom and I are going to have our own craft room, see they are moving into this new house the same time we are so my mom is just as excited as I am!

I would really like it if I could have some feedback on my blog, things I could change, and stuff like that. I am honored i have so many followers and i have met some wonderful people but I want you to come back frequently and visit so if there is anything that i can do, just let me know, you live and learn right?

Have a good night/ morning wherever in the world you might be, I sure wish i was someplace sunny, like where my faithful follower and friend
Tertia is! Winter in Canada stinks, it hasn't been bad this year really but I hate the cold, and snow and you would think after 26 years I'd be used to it! If I had the money I would be on a plane somewhere with no snow, wearing sandals and summer dresses, instead of winter coats and snow boots. Well all I can do is go to sleep and dream about it, It's warm under my blankets, so If I shut my eyes I can go to that warmer place...ahhh..zzzzz...nite nite

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mojo monday Week 121

Whew this month is going by fast. I have a doctor's appointment in an hour so I am hoping he is going to work miracles and give me the right prescription this time. I really appreciate the support you have been giving me, and the stories you have shared on my comments to let me know and to reassure me that I am not alone with this. I wish that Anxiety and Depression disorders didn't exist but they do and all I can do is learn from my struggles and experiences and come out of this a stronger person. When I am better I plan to make a difference in some way, I want to raise the awareness of mental health and hopefully create or find a way to create more support that works better then the resources that are provided now. We have the Canadian Mental Health Association but I find they are a joke, I have nothing but bad experiences with them, others may have found it helpful but as for me i think it has caused more problems each time making me feel more helpless because of all places you would think that would be the one place that would help right? Not a chance. if I want good help I have to play for it. Ontario has free health care but having a good doctor for mental health costs money. I guess I cant complain because most places don't have the advantage of free health care but I can not afford the extra money it would cost to get the proper help I need.

Anyways i made this card a couple of days ago for the Mojo Monday challenge, I just haven't had the energy to post it Its for Mojo Monday Week 121. I really love their challenges and i tend to do them more frequently then others. I find sometimes i am limited to challenges because I am limited in supplies. I found this free 3d decoupage bear and flower from
beautiful stuff over on that site!