Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wow I'm impressed-Two Cards, two challenges!

Entry for Just Cute Bears Challenge- Challenge #3 Hearts

Entry for Tuesday Morning Sketches #32

Just wanted to post the cards at the very top so the entry's can be seen by the judges as soon as they link to my post.
Card 1- I came across this challenge blog and thought this would be a fun challenge. I used a 3D decoupage image from the same place I used in from on my last 3D card, if you want to go check it out there are some super cute images to play with
I'm just mad that you can't tell it is 3D because I worked really hard cutting all of the little pieces out, so just imagine, you are seeing it in person because it is way better.
Card 2- Really like this Challenge blog, the people over there are great and the sketch for this week was super fun. I decided to do it Valentine themed and I did an iris folded heart on the front, soon as I saw this sketch I knew I wanted to do the iris folding, and I knew that I would just work the rest of my card around the heart which I wanted to be the focal point, after I made that heart everything else just came together,. I like this card because it is different and required my patience.
I have a question for anyone reading this and I'm hoping someone is able to help. I really would like a House Mouse or Magnolia stamp and would be willing to buy an old one that you may not be using, my Husband and I are not in the situation to have a credit card or even to set up pay pal right now but other payment arrangements could be made, I just really want to make a card with one of these images and I can't buy them brand new for the reasons listed above, I would even be willing to pay for some stamped images if your not willing to part with a stamp but I read on blogs that, that is wrong, and I don't know if this is corrector if it is OK to stamp images for someone else, anyways I hope you don't find me rude for asking but it never hurts right?
(As last time now on to non card related stuff)
We had a viewing today but we don't know the outcome yet, i have to wait till the real estate posts the feed back on the website, so cross your fingers and toes for us because we want this place sold!
Past Couple of days have been really hard for me I have been feeling a lot of agitation and anger because i am just so frustrated as to why I have to deal with being sick and why for so long. I have been this way for two and a half years, It will be 3 years in June. I am having several panic attacks a day at this moment and they pretty much follow a schedule,I have learned and tried all of the techniques possible and they don't work. Then during those periods of the day when I am not having my anxiety my mood is really low and sometimes I feel as if I am going to snap, and just lose control of my thoughts and actions which is the scariest thing ever and what's even worse is that its not a one time thing for me its on a frequent basis. When I am having these moments I do think of the prayers you all have sent me and it gets me through so I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Hang in there sweetie, there are many of us thinking about you and just a email away when you need a positive word.
    I always look forward to seeing what you have made. Keep up the cards.
    I also have about 8 Magnolia stamps that I could stamp out for you, I DON'T think this is stealing, I think the stink is about DIgi stamps. Please contact me through my profile so I can get your information.

  2. such a cute teddy bear Valentine! thanks for joining in with us at Just Cute Bears. hugs, annie x

  3. Both your cards are fantastic! Thank you for your kind words about my challenge blog, I'm glad we are a source of inspiration for you. My job is complete when I hear that.

    As for images, I don't think it's wrong to share. But I don't think you can offer to buy stamped images from someone else. But image sharing is OK. It would be wrong if someone bought a digi-stamp and then emailed it to all their friends.

    I have some House Mouse and Magnolia stamps (not many) that I'd be more than willing to stamp out for you. You know how to reach me, let me know if you'd like me mail you some images.

    Thanks for joining us at Tuesday Morning Sketches.

  4. So glad you were feeling good enough to post some cards. I am waiting for my first Magnolia stamps to arrive. As soon as I get them, I will stamp some for you. I don't think that is stealing at all. Some wonderful blogging friends have sent me some amazing stamped images that I can't buy here in South Africa.
    I am sure you will feel a lot better once your move is over and your place is sold. A lot of stress will automatically be removed then. Just hang in there, the turning point WILL come.
    Lots of hugs and prayers coming your way accross the ocean.

  5. Great take on the sketch for Tuesday Morning Sketches. Thanks for sharing your cards.

  6. This is lovely Candace. Thanks for joining us at Just Cute Bears and good luck.

    Kat x

  7. Fabulous cards, keep up the good work!

    Thanks for joining us at Just Cute Bears.

    xx :0)

  8. ah sweet

    Thanks for joining us on Just Cute Bears :)

    Hugs Jane x

  9. Very sweet. Thanks for playing along with Just Cute Bears this week.

    Hugs Ali x

  10. Gorgeous cute bear card!
    Thanks for joining us at Just Cute Bears x

    Jenny x

  11. Both of these cards are fantastic!! I love the cute bear you used on the first card!