Thursday, April 22, 2010

Opinions Please ASAP thanks love you guys!

OK so I am on Ontario Disability which is basically like a pension kind of for people that cant work due to disabilities. They offer a one time start up cheque for people that are receiving disability when you either go back to work to buy work supplies or if you are looking at starting a home based business they give you this one time amount. My case worker was over yesterday and I told her that I plan to get more serious with my card making hopefully turning it into a source of income down the road, she agreed that I could benefit from the start up cheque and I am getting it tomorrow. It is for the amount of $500CAD. Now because my husband and I don't have loads of money we obviously want to buy something I normally wouldn't be able to buy otherwise maybe. I looked into the Cricut obviously that was my first choice but they are really expensive and the cartridges are expensive as well I would never be able to afford to buy these cartridges. So I looked at the Cuttlebug and it seems more reasonable but not a whole lot of choice of stuff I can go to the stores here in Barrie and buy, I don't know what to do, I would like opinions regarding what would be a wise investment with this money, I don't even necessarily need either of these machines, I just want to spend this money wisely because I will never have this to spend on card making stuff ever again, Please help, I 'm stressed out, I know you guys are all well educated in card making and will help me!


  1. Don't get stressed about it hun, I'm no business woman but this is what I would do. If you are quiet happy without a cuttlebug I would invest in basic supplies that are going to be used over and over that people will always buy cards for to get your money's worth e.g Wedding stamps, baby boy & girl, birthdays, Christmas etc. Think about who you are likely to sell to and which type of cards are going to be in most demand. A lot of people make and sell Wedding stationary these days as shop bought is so expensive. I'd also stock up on some good quality cardstock or card blanks.
    I would take some time to really think about it hun, just because the cheque arrives doesn't mean you have to spend it straight away, make lists and then cross off or tick what you think will be of more benefit and most of all enjoy this opportunity
    hugs Mandy xx

  2. I was going to say pretty much the same as Mandy. I would buy more supplies I could use over and over. Great paper, inks, stamps for all occasions with special sayings.I am a big embellishment person so I would buy basic flowers I could use ink on or chalk to change when ever I needed a new color. I also love brads and paper clips and anything I can use when ever. Hope that helps. I also love my big shot because I can emboss, with embossing folders and use spellbinders, and quickutz in it also. I hear the cuttlebug is as good just a smaller platform.
    Take your time and think about will come to you.

  3. I think Mandy said it all! Think about it, think again and again. Wait for a while and then make a decision.I have both the Cuttlebug (usrd my pasta machine for years to emboss - it works like a charm) and a Cricut which my DH bought me for my birthday three years ago - I am in love with that machine, but you are right, the carts are very expensive.
    Basics would definately get you further.
    I would stock up on good quality cardstock and stamps and then maybe put a percentage of each sale away untill you have enough for the machines.
    Great idea, hope it is a roaring success and you make lots of money. Good luck my friend.