Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lilac-ing Discipline

I did my nails while taking a break from editing the 4 weddings I have photographed in the past couple of weeks.  If I dont keep something on my nails at all times they will rip. They are not strong at all and I have never successfully grown them out. I have spent so much money on products to make my nails grow and I gave up.  Somethings are not meant to be and I am not meant to have long nails. 

I was going to use dark purple and black but summer is almost over and the darker colors will be coming out so I went with a more lighter version of what I had pictured.  My Husband and my friend loved them. My husband was coming up with all different
color combinations and  my friend was telling me that I have to leave them like this for a long time (that will not happen) soon as they chip off they go :)
I hope you like them, I have listed what I used in the picture of the nails. I think it is easier this way for reference.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pink and Purple with Silver Stars

I havent been around in awhile, trying to get things in my life organized.  I haven't been feeling very creative either. I had the urge to do my nails today and when I was doing them, my husband told me that these were one of his favorites.  My hands are in rough shape right now so I'm a little embarrassed. I hope you can see past that :)