Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Garage Sale finds on April 24

This is my second post for today yay me! If you want to read my last post you know where to find it, just letting you know it is there! I wanted to show what I got at garage sales this past weekend, I absolutely love them, and in the morning I am at my best, and my anxiety levels are low so I am able to go out for a hour or so, not long enough for the stores to open and to shop but early enough to find some thrifty finds!
Here is a list of the stuff I got from left to right
1) All three sisterhood of the travelling pants books (I liked the movie)$1.50
2) 12 Spools of ribbon (only eight shown)- $2.00 for 12
3) Wool - $1.00 for all
4) Slippers (so comfortable) $5.00
5)huge box of glitter leaves flowers etc. (click on pic for closer look)- $3.00 for box
6) maze book- 25 cents
7) In next picture see that desk? I got it for $5.00, yes you are reading that right, awesome deal! We didn't have a computer desk and this family was moving and wanted to get rid of it because they had bought their son anew one for their new home!

Total spent at Garage Sales= $17.75

Pretty good don't you think? Its a full moon tonight and it is pretty If you live somewhere that it is just becoming nighttime now, look out the window for the moon!

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your very sweet comments! These are great deals that you found at a garage sale!
    Jodi =)