Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cute Card Thursday Challenge-104

This is my entry for the challenge over at Cute Card Thursday, it's nice to be creating again, even though stuff still isn't organized. The theme was Anniversaries however birthdays and weddings were also acceptable, I decided to make a card for my Best friend who's birthday is tomorrow.

In the picture it looks like it says 20th but in real life it does say 28th! I plan to fill the inside of the card with memories over the past year, make it like a collage, I just didn't want to do it before as this card is being entered into a challenge. Her special nickname just between us is Dolly but her real name is Tanya and my nickname is Sunni, but I'm sure you can see that on the card.
The pictures below are of a new friend we have that lives in the tree in our backyard, a raccoon! We live in the city in a very busy neighbourhood but I guess it likes our tree so that is where it sleeps during the day getting all rested up for a night of getting into garbage cans and causing other mischief!

I have two more cards made but I am having a problem getting a good enough picture of them so I will keep trying and have them up soon!


  1. Great card, your friend will love it and when you have finished the collage it will be very special indeed. How wonderful to have a racoon living with you. Expect you feel about them they way we feel about squirrels pesky but attractive.

  2. Hi, thank you so much for the lovely comments you've left in my Blog, your creations are very beautiful too. About our life here in the U.A.E. is not that bad at all, there’s ups and down, but that is Life. Most of the expats here works 5 days a week, 8 hrs a day and during weekends, aside from doing our household chores still got time for recreation like watching movies (once a month), going to park (if the weather is favorable), meeting some of our family friends and relatives. Just taking one Day at a Time ;o) Hugs Susan...

    Love your Racoon ;o) Great Pix