Monday, May 31, 2010

Hope my friends are still around....

It has been nearly a month since I posted anything and I am so sorry, I hope not to lose any one of you as followers as I value your friendship. I have probably been at my worst this past month so my doctor finally put me on some stronger medication, it has been hard and I dont think things can get much worse so it can only be uphill from here. I havent been crafting making cards or anything but that is hopefully to change in the next week or so, thanks so much for understanding and looking foward to getting back into the swing of things soon, stick around!

Love Candace


  1. Hi Candace
    Glad to see your back and getting into things again...
    I know how hard it is for you and don't worry i will always be around you won't lose me as a friend or follower....
    Take care speak soon..
    Hugs Alison.

  2. Still here doll. Still praying for you too, Just had a rough couple of weeks too.

  3. Glad to see you posting again. I am still here hoping things get better for you. Keeping you in my prayers.