Thursday, March 29, 2012

My past nail-do's

Did these for a wedding I photographed had someone take the picture for me.  I can't remember the nail polish I used but I do know that the stickers came from the dollar store and I cut them into strips and put them on my nails.

These were done with the Sally Hansen nail strip's it was my first time using these and I was so fascinated by them!  That is the Bat rollercoaster at Canada's Wonderland you see in the background.

Ugh this is a mess.  Don't know what I used or what I was thinking....

I scanned my hand for this one....

These were nails I did for Christmas I took the picture in the car with my phone.  Yes I am a photographer and I can take better pictures I was going to get acrylics put on and wanted to get a pic of these before they were gone.  I don't know the nail polish but again the sticker was from the dollar store.

When I got my Bundle Monster stamping plates I had the idea to do this only realizing after that I had a matching shirt and that is probably subconsciously where I got the inspiration

I did these ones for he Santa Claus Parade and I painted the "tips" of my nails to make them appear longer and just put a sticker from the dollar store on them.
I will start documenting and listing what I use on my nails in all future posts.  Right now my nails are bare so there will be another post soon!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One thing leads to another...and another etc....

I am very easily sidetracked.  I don't know if that is just who I am or if it is my anxiety and my irrational fears.  I keep telling myself tomorrow is a new day to be productive and what do I do?  Turn one thing into another and another and another....browsing and searching for one thing on the net, get an idea an then search for another and it is just a vicious cycle.

I feel so lost right now.  I am not adjusting as well as Ryan is to this new life across the country, away from everything and everyone I have ever known.  I had to sacrifice almost everything I had and we don't have the money to go out and replace things.  And it is really hard to make friends.  I hope that by more frequently blogging I can make some friends online to help fill the void of loneliness.

I am into so many different things right now, all of them creative, but instead of creating my own things I am drooling at everyone else's works of art.  Right now I am into....

1) Nail Polish and nail art...I AM OBSESSED..and that is an understatement but alas that is a very expensive hobby....

2)  Drawing and coloring....I know I have got talent for drawing and I must start to draw!!! Coloring I am extremely passionate about as well because I love color but sometimes I question at 28 if i am too old?

3) Card making and paper crafts...I have my supplies in Ontario and I have to wait until i get them shipped here which won't be for a while.....

4) and of course my photography

Thursday, March 1, 2012


So I have been sitting here thinking trying to figure out why I am not "getting with the program" and I have come to a few realizations...

  1.  I need to find my purpose..not necessarily for life but just for right now!
  2. I need to be me and stop comparing myself to other people I am good enough to just be who I am and instead of being jealous of someone else's life be thankful for my own life and create it the way I want to!
  3.  I have to get to know myself before I can get my head on straight again which #1 & #2 become important for this...
  4. I need to be honest with myself and not always wonder/worry what other people think!

I thought that maybe I should scrap this blog and start a new one because I haven't been consistent with this one and make the new one super great and wonderful but then I thought wait a second I can't throw myself away and get a new Candace so why should I be able to do that to my blog? I then decided that I was going to keep this blog right beside me and it will transform and grow just as I need to do. 

It doesn't matter if anyone ever reads anything I write here (although it is nice to meet people and I would love to have people reading and enjoying my blog)  I am going to have this blog as my companion, use this blog for the reason it was intended, to document my life and everything in it.