Thursday, February 25, 2010

The move!!

Hey everyone, wow these last few days have been terrible, moving two homes into one is chaotic and everyone is on a short fuse and ugh...
My parents couldn't get there queen size box spring upstairs into there bedroom and it was a really expensive one and that's just the beginning of it.

Thanks again everyone for keeping me in your prayers, on Sunday night they were heard. It was probably the worst night if my life, I was about to go to sleep and all of a sudden it just hit me I had the worst anxiety attack I have ever had in my life to date, and considering I have them on a daily basis, this one was by far the worst. I felt I was losing control of my mind and my body and I was losing the battle, I didn't think I was going to come out of it, I was about ready to call an ambulance I'm sure glad that night has passed.

Anyways I can still receive mail at my old place because we have not sold as of yet. I think that I have gotten my address out to those who are kind enough to send me some images (i love you guys) but with all of the chaos I'm not sure who has my new address and who doesn't so leave a comment if i have not given you my new address and you want it and I will be sure to email it to you, and for those that I have given it too could you please email it to me just to ensure that I have given the proper one! Sorry of all of this confusion I just want to make sure your address book is correct! I will be up and running soon with more creations and visiting your blogs and seeing all of the lovelies that you have made soon! Thanks for being such great friends and for sticking around. Hugs to everyone!


  1. Oh sweetie I am keeping you in my daily thoughts and prayers. You are going to make it through this turbulant time and come out stronger. I am hoping you receive my images soon.

  2. So glad you made it through the move in one piece! They say moving house is just as stressful as losing a loved one. Maybe thats why I have lived in the same house for 29 years - I am just too scared to pack everything and move. Besides, I don't think there is a removal van big enough to fit everything that we have accumelated over all the years! LOL
    Still thinking of you daily even though I don't always mail. Its 'silly season' at school. Everything is happening at once, so we are crazy busy.

  3. So glad your feeling better and you got through the night fighting yuor anxiety,i so wish my daughter would fight she has been in and out of hospital since before xmas,the last time was a week ago so i don't get on here much as she must come first..
    Hope you received your parcel and i would love your new address.
    Take care
    Hugs Alison.

  4. I hope you are a little better now hun.... i did email you but havent heard back so please can you let me have your new address i have a parcel ready to post to you.... i can always post to your old addy if need be.
    Keep safe god bless lynx