Monday, June 24, 2013

Getting Personal

So for those who know me or have learned about me through my archives, will know that for the past 6 years I have been struggling with a severe anxiety disorder that has really affected the way I live. I have to be with my husband or at least one of only a few people that are my "safe" people and even then I usually still need my Husband with me.  I am unable to work as I go through times where I can't even leave the house without having a total meltdown.

 I am on so much expensive medication that I was put on while in the hospital.  I hate medication and have intentions of getting off of them.  Because of that medication I have developed more and more physical and mental health issues.

I moved to Alberta in February 2012 and where we were living I did not have much access to get the help I needed however in March 2013 we moved to Edmonton where there are many more resources to help me get my life back.

I still have a long road ahead of me but I have had some progress and regained my hope when at times I just wanted to give up.  That in itself is a breakthrough.

I am having to put some projects on hold so I can give my focus to therapy and getting better.  I still will blog as much as I can but the specific projects will have to be postponed. That is why I haven't been around much, I hope you do understand.

This is my Husband and Myself he is my AMAZING support.

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