Friday, November 30, 2012

Magic Spell Forever Polished - The Review

This is the second polish in Forever Polished's Winter Collection on Etsy.
You can visit Forever Polished on Etsy. Review on bottom Picture.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cozy With Me Forever Polished - The Review

This is Cozy with me By Forever Polished On Etsy. As part of Ashley's Winter Collection I tried something new, the review for the polish is in the 2nd picture, let me know what you think of this idea! I think that it is more interesting then reading the test and looking at the bottle.  This way you can actually SEE what I am talking about!  I will be featuring her other polishes from the winter collection this week so come back!

You can visit Forever Polished on Etsy.

* This polish was provided to me for photography purposes and my honest opinion by Forever Polished on Etsy.  I took these pictures myself on behalf of my photography business Kandistar Photos and have given Ashley at Forever Polished full use of these images

Monday, November 26, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix Attraction VS Sally Hansen New Lengths #49

Previously I mentioned that I was going to go through my nail polish in order that I have swatched them:

Clipping from my previous post;

"Previously I have swatched all my nail polishes with no organization. Brands,Colors finishes etc, for the most part are scattered throughout the 20+ wheels I have. I want to prove to my Husband that I use all of my polishes so I will be comparing two polishes that can be similar or polar opposites whichever two are next on the wheel are against each other as I work my way through my polishes so you or I  will never know what is next.  And no matter how much I hate the polish or don't think the polishes go together I will not cheat!

Sounds kinda fun right? This will determine the bad from the good as well and polishes I will use for frankening, put up in a future blog sale/swap etc. If you decide to do this please let me know! I think it will be fun!

 China Glaze Magnetix - Attraction.  

It took me a couple of times to figure out the proper way to make the magnet work and I still am not that great.  I like this polish even without the magnetic effect.  The formula is awesome in my opinion and if I am using the magnet I use 1 coat but if I am not I use 2 as I normally do with all nail polishes for good measure.  I got this polish with the magnet at Sally's Beauty Supply.  It was actually my first time there.


Sally Hansen New Lengths - #49

I can't find a name for this polish or any information for that matter.  I also have no idea where I got it.  It is a very sheer satiny finish purple with micro glitter of the same color which does nothing for the polish to accent it so it is kind of pointless.  I hated this polish so much, probably because it is so old and with it being have empty I decided to remove it from my collection.  One night my room mate and I were hanging out and she frankened her first polish using this as a base which I will post later.

Top flash off - Bottom flash on

Total Knockout!!!

Winner China Glaze Magnetix - Attraction


Bye Bye Sally Hansen New lenghths #49

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Custom Nail Art review for Black & Blue and NOTD

 This has officially taken the place of the most interesting polish in my collection.  I have never owned a polish with bar glitter so I was hesitant about application, but I must say I am quite pleased with this polish. A clear base with large blue glitter and black bar glitter I layered it over white to make the black and blue pop.  That is the name of the polish and it needs to make it known to the world.  This polish looks good with just one coat but I put on two coats as I always do for any polish.  You do have to position the glitters to your liking but the formula makes this easy.

head over to Etsy and buy this while you can, I predict this will be a hot seller!

Custom Nail Art on Etsy
Two coats over Essie Blanc

Custom Nail Art on Etsy

*This polish was graciously provided by Custom Nail are for my honest review


Nail of the Day

This design I did really late at night when my eyes were getting heavy so the photo isn't the greatest. Instead of telling you what I used you can see for yourself in the picture below :)

Layla Holographic Mermaid spell Bundle Monster

Monday, November 12, 2012

Jindie Nails Santa Claws ~ The review!

I will be the first to admit I have never tried a polish with larger glitter in it as I always likes the micro glitter. Santa Claws the name sake of the Santa Claws Collex by Jindie nails is filled with square glitter in all sizes.  Red White and Black to represent Santa and green for a dash of Christmas spirit.  I love the way this polish look over black white and even natural.  It reminds me of the movie Santa Clause with Tim Allen and the special hot coco.  This is what I think would be on top of the frosting.  Like always the formula is perfect and this is another festive must have from the Santa Claws Collex by Jindie Nails on Etsy!

You can find all of her awesome seasonal and permanent collections on Etsy.  I would run though, the collex is amazing and even has some holos!

Instagram @jindienails

This is two coats over natural white and black respectively.

* This polish was graciously provided for my honest review by Jindie Nails

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jindie Nails~Noel Review

This polish SCREAMS Christmas !!! I admit, I started to fell festive the second I laid eyes on this beautiful gem of a polish  Red, White and Green matte micro glitters with a dash of shimmery light green glitter, make you feel nostalgic as you glide the brush over your nails.  I have to say this polish makes me feel 
pepper-minty refreshed and now I cant wait to taste my first Christmas candy.
This is two coats over Natural, White and Black respectively!
You can find Jindie Nails and the rest of the super awesome Santa Claws Collex at

Instagram @jindienails

Oh did I forget to mention.... she has some holo polishes as part of that collection...go!!!!!

* This polish was graciously provided for my honest review by Jindie Nails

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dream In Color - World Debut by Jindie Nails on Etsy

I am new to the indie polish scene, but realized it was extremely popular as I was reading nail blogs, so I decided to search for indie polishes that were my taste.  I figured the best way to search would be on Etsy, so I searched nail Polish and started looking at page after page of glittery goodness.  One polish caught my eye so I clicked on the seller and browsed through her polishes.  Jindie Nails was the seller and as I looked through her polishes I knew then, where my nail Polish budget for the week was going.  She  has an option that you can buy 10 minis of any polish and I figured that would be the best way to go.  That way I could have a bunch of her polishes and my Husband wouldn't be mad with my spending. I love her style of polishes.  I prefer dense glittery polishes and her shop is 3 pages of every polish I have to have. She is constantly releasing new collections and all of her polishes are unique and good quality.  You can tell that she gives a lot of thought to what she makes and I wouldn't be surprised if she dreams about new ideas at night.

Dream in Color is part of her brand new winter collection and when I first held this bottle on my hands I was thinking WOW!  This is the only polish I am going to wear for the next month or until it runs out.  Ideas of ways I could wear this polish just kept coming and when my Husband saw it, he grabbed the bottle from me and started twirling it around. He was just as mesmerized as I was. I was going to sit down and swatch this nail polish after I carved my Halloween pumpkin but I cut my finger close to my nail so I can't wear nail polish for a few more days.  I swatched the polish on a nail wheel so you could see its versatility.

Details - Neon Blue, Neon Green, Pink White and Black micro glitters jam packed in a clear base.  You also have the option of adding black, white or pink hearts to your bottle to make it a little more special!

From Left to Right (two coats on all)
1) Over Natural
2) Over Essie Blank
3) Over Orly Liquid Vinyl

I layered Dream in Color over Essie's NO Place Like Chrome from their Mirror Metallic's collection.  I love how it gives Dream in Color Depth and sparkle.

You can layer this over anything and it would look good. Metallic blues and silvers, a jelly Sandwich. There are so many ideas and ways you could wear this.  I will for sure be ordering a full size bottle of this ASAP!!

To see all of the goodness I am talking about RUN over to Jindie Nails!

Instagram @jindienails

* this polish was provided to me for my honest review by Jen owner of Jindie Nails.

Friday, November 2, 2012

October in Review...

I made myself a list of goals, and well...I wasn't too good with following through with them...... How did I do?

Editing my photo sessions is never ending
I did bake Apple Crisp Yum!!!
No yoga as I was too busy editing
NO money to go clothes shopping (and I really need to, I am losing weight and my pants are falling off!)
Didn't do any Halloween pins as I was busy editing
Not up to date with my photography blog
Didn't read a whole book
Started to clean up my files

So I didn't do so good but editing photos is very time consuming.  Here is hoping November is more productive.  I will be creating my goals in the next day or two!

Here are my nails for the month of October.  I haven't wrote down what I used but that will be a goal for November for sure....document EVERYTHING!

Anti-Bullying in Memory of Amanda Todd

Sally Hansen Salon Effects 

Breast Cancer Awareness