Thursday, July 14, 2011

ABC'S of Candace

Act your age? Nope more like 14, and that was 13 years ago

Born on what day of the week? Thursday

Chore you hate? Everything lol

Dad’s name? Barry but he goes by Wade

Essential makeup item? Nail Polish

Favorite actor? Johnny Depp

Gold or silver? White Gold

Hometown? Barrie Ontario

Instruments you play? Used to play bagpipes, trying to learn piano/guitar

Job? Aspiring Photographer

Kids? Hopefully soon

Living arrangements? Shared accommodations with my parents

Mom’s name? Penny

Need? Money

Overnight hospital stays? Psych Ward...yay lmao

Phobias? Death, spiders, crouds

Quote you like? Dreams are a wish your heart makes

Religious affiliation? No specific religion though I am spiritual

Siblings? 1 Step-sister, who i count as a full sibling

Time you wake up? 11am-12pm

Unique talent? Does persuasion count?

Worst habit? Smoking

X-rays you’ve had? Dental, chest, wrist, CT Scan

Yummy food you make? Taco Salad with Spinach Yummm!!!

Zodiac Sign? Capricorn