Monday, April 30, 2012

WHY..Murphy's law?

I don't get it..I am obsessed with nail art, nail polish...everything nails and yet I am awful at doing them to my left hand..because I am left handed.  I get frustrated and then take off my nail polish and beat myself up because I am passionate about something I am no good at. Sound familiar?  Well it does to me. I expect everything I love and do that I can just pick it up and I will be amazing at it...that is not the case.  Oh well I got my one hand finished and took a picture...
I used for this Manicure BM04 Konad Special Polish-White and an unmarked blue/black polish

I know my mom has been popping by my blog because she misses me, she is a cat lover.  This one is for you mom!!

 Here is last weeks manicure.  I like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish strips this is "Check it Out" I had bought it at the makeup liquidation place back in Ontario for $2.99 which is a good deal however even though they were still sealed I found that they were drying out.  I wanted a little bling so I added a coat of Nicole by Opi "Make a Comet-ment" and topped it off with my Seche Vite! It lasted about 3 days before I started picking at it

 Any tips from anyone maybe reading my blog?  MUCH appreciated.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Nail Polish Collection

Here is my collection of polishes, many have been given to me by my grandma and most of the others were bought at a liquidation clearance place back home in Ontario.  If you want my personal opinion/review on any of these let me know! Oh and also if you know the correct names for any of these I am not sure about or have gotten wrong please let me know andI will correct it, thanks!