Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A little of me...

I just noticed I lost a follower, that makes me sad, I don't know what i did, I have been busy and haven't been posting all that much recently but why did they go? No one else is going to leave right?

I found this on a blog awhile back and i completed it an had it saved on my computer thought I would share it with you so you caould learn a little bit about me, try it for yourself its actually fun!

Layers of Me
Your Birthdate: 12/22/1983
Righty or Lefty: Lefty
Your middle name: Rose Lee

Your heritage: I have no idea, sad isn’t it? I’d love to know, but no one else seems to know they just say Canadian. Well obviously, but who were my ancestors?
The shoes you wore today: Barefoot
Your weakness: Shopping
Your fears: death, spiders, lightning, fire, sharks
Your perfect pizza: feta cheese, broccoli Goal you'd like to achieve: Overcome my mental illness

LAYER THREE: Your most overused phrase: RYAN!!!!! (as in me calling for him from another room)
Your best physical feature: my eyes
Your bed time: Whenever
Your most missed memory: Air Cadets (Something that you do to prepare yourself for the military which I never did due to my illness) Best memories, consumed all of my teenage years! I could go on forever talking about it.

Pepsi or Coke: Neither really, I like ginger ale and grape pop.
McDonald's or Burger King: McDonalds
Single or group dates: I’m married but I did prefer single dates.
Adidas or Nike: Not really into brand names

LAYER FIVE: Do you... Cuss: sometimes
Sing: yes, and I have been to Canadian Idol and also won a singing contest in the Dominican republic
Do you think you've been in love: I hope so I have a husband!
Want to go to college: again for a 4th time? Sure! I'd go forever if I could, but would rather take the classes at home because I cant leave the house all that much
Like(d) high school: no the people there were stuck up and the classes way to easy and boring!
Want to get married: already am
Believe in yourself: Sometimes
Get motion sickness: no
Think you're a health freak: no
Get along with your parents: yes
Like thunderstorms: See above my fears
Play an instrument: yes, piano, guitar, bagpipes and vocal.

LAYER SIX:In the past month, have you...
Drink alcohol: no
Done drugs: no
Gone on a date: no
Gone to the mall: no
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no
Eaten Sushi: no
Been on stage: no
Been dumped: no
Made homemade cookies: yes
Gone skinny dipping: no
Dyed your hair: no,
Stolen anything: no

Been called a tease: yes
Gotten beaten up: got punched in the face by someone who was high and thought I was someone else at a bar!

Age you hope to be married: Got married at 24
Numbers and Names of Children: we want two, for the girls name we like Melody Hannah and for a boy Tyler Devin
Describe your dream wedding: Well I definitely wouldn’t be describing my actual wedding and it was not my dream wedding trust me
How do u want 2 die: peacefully in my sleep and very very old
Where you want to go to college: online
What you want to be when you grow up: I don’t want to ever grow up
Place(s) would you like to visit: Europe, especially Greece, Egypt, California, South Africa, Thailand, Costa Rica etc…
LAYER NINE: In opposite sex.
Best eye color: blue but my husband has brown
Best hair color: dark which my hubby has!
Height: 6 feet which is about my husbands height
Best articles of clothing: jeans, and a nice hooded sweatshirt
Best first date location: coffee
Best first kiss location: the lips!

Number of drugs: Illegal? None.
Number of people I could trust in my life: Definitely 7 maybe more Number of CDs that I own: All of my cd’s have been transferred to iTunes and they are old, haven’t bought a new cd in years and years
Number of piercing: six- two in each lobe, one on the upper ear (cartilage?) and my belly button
Number of tattoos: two, dolphins on my shin above my ankle and shooting stars on my foot that I had done with my best friend who is in the military
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: Grandma used to put my birthday in the paper every year, plus other birthdays and our engagement, I am going to say around 20 maybe?
Number of scars on my body: hmm, I have one on my chin from when I thought I could fly and jumped off of the monkey bars in the winter, sliced my whole chin open, two days before the stitches came out I was jumping on the furniture and split it open again. I have a chicken pox scar on my forehead from stretching the skin for it not to itch, I was told not to scratch so I thought I had thought of another clever way, I was wrong,things in my past that I regret: The way that we chose to be married. We went to Cuba and go married by ourselves with no one there and it was not what I had envisioned, we then had a reception 5 months later and it went horribly wrong so if we renew our vows we will do it the right way in front of family. That is my biggest regret.


  1. Hi Candace
    So glad your parcel finally arrived....
    so glad you liked your goodies....
    can't wait to see your creation's!!!!!!
    hugs Alison.

  2. Hi Candace, fab answers hun, it's like a diary condensed.
    Hope you are settled in your new home.
    Don't be sad about a follower leaving, this can happen unintentionally. Twice now for some strange reason I've stopped following my favourite blog, it no longer appeared on my dashboard and I knew this lady posted cards every day so realised something was wrong & had to become a follower again. If I ever vanish off your followers just give me a nudge and let me know as it won't be intentional
    hugs Mandy xx

  3. Hello Candace.... Thanks for 'visiting' me today... i ENJOYED reading about you... feels like i know you now.
    I have a small parcel ready to post and as i dont have your new addy it'll go to your old address.... from here it takes 7 to 10days.... so i'm told.
    I shall post it in the morning (thursday) as i can only get out mondays and thursdays.... if you read this before then maybe you can email me your new addy?
    My son is marrying his girlfriend in CUBA this july.... and having a 'party' when they return.
    It is sad i wont see my only son marry, but if thats what he wants... fine by me.... or so he thinks... it actually breaks my heart but he doesnt know that.
    Like mandy has said... if ever you lose me off your list of followers please come and tell me so.... i lost 2 so i know how you feel!
    Take care hun, keep strong and smile often.
    God bless love lynx