Friday, August 6, 2010

No one wanted my Giveaway?

I had a giveaway and I guess no one is reading my blog so I will extend it to Sept 1 8pm EST.

I am going to start posting pictures from my art journal and if no one comes to look at them at least I have posted them.

1) This is the first page of my journal, though it is not the first page in the book, that is still blank, I am one of those people who don't know what to put on the very first page...
2) Sorry this picture is sideways..?..This is obviously my name which I had fun zentangling
and things about me, took forever to do the letters for my name but very relaxing while watching our favourite movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

3) The next two pages are what I am proud of, there is writing in the word itself but its hard to read because I used a gel pen. On the second page re pictures of what I described on the previous page.
Clockwise from left, bottom pic described last
1)My first day of school
2) my first visit with my firstborn nephew
3) Me in my air cadet uniform
4) Me getting stuck on this humongous climbing thing which my dad helped me through
5)My baby picture
Hope you enjoyed these pages more to come tomorrow, Sorry I have been a little hostile about my blog I just wish people would come and visit, I miss you guys and I am going to be getting back into the groove. I am feeling much better then before so thanks for your prayers and thoughts.
Love Candace

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  1. Hi Candace
    Sorry to have not commented much before - I have been and read your blog but have failed miserabley on the commenting front for ages with lots of the blogs I follow. I love your journal pages - love the collage detail you have put together - very different from what I have been doing so its something I would like to try too - I love art journalling as its such a versatile thing to do and a great place to experiment with techniques x
    Hope this cheers you a little - we are out there honestly so keep up the blogging x Janet