Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Big Blog Makeover Giveaway Winner!

After spending an hour going through entries and deleting invalid ones we have a winner!

PAM S !!!!!

She will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be picked.  Stick around I will be having a 100 Followers giveaway in the next few weeks!  And please it would be appreciated if you all would read other posts besides the giveaway ones.  It kind of makes me sad when I check seeing that my newer posts have almost no views if any.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

No Foil

 I don't know if anyone else has written about this but I always hear of people using the foil method to take off glitter.  To me, that is one extra unnecessary step.  I was taking of my Polish which was Frankenstein Spit by Jindie Nails and thought I would show you what I did to save some aluminum foil.  Please excuse my nails and surrounding areas, I was taking my polish off so it isn't to pretty...

Frankenstein Spit by Jindie Nails Over Color Club Revvolution 

I used Quo By Orly Polish Remover with Acetone.  I turned the bottle once onto the pad

 I only have one circle which is perfect for one nail on the pad, which means I can use this pad for more then one nail in most cases

 Wrap the pad against the nail and hold it for 3 minutes

 Remove the pad, most of the polish will be gone, sometimes you might have to do one more swipe which I had to do here (again sorry about my gross thumb)

And That is it!  This is really easy and I personally don't understand why you have to use the foil method.  This polish is extremely difficult to remove just by rubbing the nail, it does need the remover to soak it a bit for it to lift off.  I have tried this method with other glitters to and never used foil.
And so you can get a laugh, this is what I woke up to Friday morning...BAD DOG!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gleamin Blue Review

 Ashley, owner of Forever Polished on Etsy sent me Gleaming blue and wow is it amazing!!!!!  I had so much fun playing with this polish and layering it over different colors.  I have never seen the small blue glitter before.  I spent quite awhile examining the bottle trying to figure out what type of glitter it is and I was mesmerized.  My Husband was with me when I opened  the package and he grabbed this one and thought it was pretty awesome!  You can visit Forever Polished on Etsy.

* This polish was provided to me for photography purposes and my honest opinion by Forever Polished on Etsy.  I took these pictures myself on behalf of my photography business Kandistar Photos and have given Ashley at Forever Polished full use of these images

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The end...and the Beginning!

The time has finally arrived.  I have finished my wedding photography season and besides a couple of small photo sessions I do not have any weddings until next year!  So relieved, it is exhausting being the photographer the runner, the coordinator, the bustle fixer, the fight solver and the list goes on and on, a wedding photographer is in close quarters with the couple all day and anything that may go wrong or if  assistance is needed for anything, your camera goes aside and you are rolling up your sleeves to help!

I have been a phone blogger for most of my posts, uploading pictures and posting from my phone but I am going to start reviewing polishes for some pretty awesome indie polish makers and I am going to be having awesome features on my blog

As you know I am having a giveaway right now, and my followers have tripled in numbers.  I just hope you all stick around after the giveaway as I will be doing something for my loyal followers near Christmas ;)

No post should go without a picture or two so I will leave you with a picture my Roommate took of our dog...

And one I took the day we got him, its nothing special as far as photography is concerned but he is still cute.

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Brewing in My Mind (insert Witch Cackle)

The Autumn air motivates me.  I don't know what it is but I come alive this time of year and want to create!
I want to do something different and fun and here is the exclusive sneak peek!

Previously I have swatched all my nail polishes with no organization. Brands,Colors finishes etc, for the most part are scattered throughout the 20+ wheels I have. I want to prove to my Husband that I use all of my polishes so I will be comparing two polishes that can be similar or polar opposites whichever two are next on the wheel are against each other as I work my way through my polishes so you will never know what is next.  I still have to work out the kinks to my idea but I thought it would be fun as part of a blog post.  Of course that wont be the only part of my posts, there are still ideas brewing (bahahahahaha...hahaha......)

Oh and so this is not a picture less post I leave you with a picture taken today at my Niece's 4th Birthday Party!!  She loves her Auntie and always says "I like your nails" repeated over and over getting louder and louder until you acknowledge her) "they are so do my nails??"  I love that kid!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October do you feel?

I saw a goal list over on Glow in the Dark Soul, where she had listed everything she needed/wanted to get done for the month of October.  It is an awesome idea because if you finish everything you can look back and feel accomplished and we all know how I need that positive feeling!  I only have a few goals but they themselves are pretty big and daunting tasks but if I'm dedicated, I'll do it!

On a side note (and a little rant)  I had someone tell me today that because I do not have a diploma for Photography, that I should be charging low prices?  I have been running my business for 2 years and I have a good portfolio to prove it, also where I am living, my prices are extremely competitive, she said, herself is an artist and she doesn't charge full price for her work because she is just starting out and that I am extremely unprofessional because I ask for a deposit to secure their date.  I also need to mention that she is the sister of a past client and that she is struggling financially and I worked out a lower price for her,  My time is valuable and I have had people cancel for bad hair days and not care that I could have made other plans for that day, so as a business owner I have created my own policies and guidelines, every business is different right?   Its moments like these though that make me think that I can't handle this because that really bothered me. How do you feel about this?  Do you think that she is right or do you believe that if you have the experience and produce quality work, that it doesn't matter about a diploma?  Here is the link to my photography website so you can see my work for yourself (my photography blog is on there too).

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Big Blog Makeover Giveaway!

The wonderful people over at MASH nails have agreed to sponsor a giveaway featuring their nail stamping Plates 1-25 and you have a chance to win them!! The giveaway is open to anyone that has an address I can ship to from Canada! You must be a follower via GFC.  I will be verifying entries!  Hopefully after the giveaway you will stick around because my goal over the winter months is to make this blog a daily morning read!


PS. This is my first giveaway so if I forgot something please let me know and I will fix it, thanks!