Saturday, June 30, 2012

Star Blogs ~ June 30 2012

I like this name, it may stick.  (Kandi) STAR BLOGS get it?! LOL Anyways....

Nail Blog - Ivana Thinks Pink - Ivana is from Slovenia and she has beautiful nails! I always love reading blogs from all over the world as through reading you learn about the culture, lifestyle etc and see what is available for beauty/craft stuff in different parts of the world, then you drool over such goodiness and dream of how you are going to obtain it ;) Ivana swatches some beautiful polishes and takes awesome pictures to really showcase the polishes true beauty.  She does nail stamping as well very tastefully.

Nail Blog - The TraceFace Philes - I don't think I need to tell you how awesome this blog is, if you are into nails, then you have read this blog.  Every post is captivating and as I read through the archives to catch up to the most recent post, every time I go for a break I say one more........Two things she has just brought to my attention;
  1. There are lint free wipes for removing polish!!!
  2. There is a Butter London Polish I have to get for the name (its pretty too) The Name is Rosie Lee.  Why is that so special?  My middle names are Rose Lee. Not the same but close enough!!!!  Where do you get a Butter London polish in Northern Alberta without a credit card? And is this one rare? Lemming!!  This amazing blog has put a smile on my face today <3

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Really Really Behind..(Picture Heavy!)

I haven't posted my mani's forever so this is a catch up post I keep forgetting to document what I use but I will try my best to remember some stuff anyways.  I will leave the rest of the post to the pictures

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Spun For You

These KISS strips work really really well, they seem more like a vinyl.

Sally Hansen nail strips and hello Kitty Nail Stamp!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kandistar's Blog about Blogs #1

So my creativinty for naming my blog posts is running dry.  I still haven't thought of a fantabulous name for my blog posts featuring blogs I am loving.  Maybe I like this name maybe I don't. It's the best one I thought of yet so it will stay for now.  Not so sure of the layout/scheme I am going to do but this might be easy to navigate for those that want to check out blogs of a certain genre.  Let me know what you think!  All the blogs I am featuring I am reading through thier archives from old to new so depending how far I have read into thier blog will determine the length of my review.  I do guarentee that all the blogs though are so worth your time!!!

Nail Blog!
365 Days Of Color.  My new found love is nail art and 365 Days of Color is full of inspiration.  Nail art, nail stamping and glitter!!!!!!!!

Nail Blog! -
 A Day In The Life Of Dollface.  Super interesting awesome blog!  Dolly features a polish of the week, video slideshow tutorials for gorgeous manis, she frankens her own polishes you can buy, and she has a sense of humor =)

Cross Stitching! - 
A Fairy Princess Dreams and StitchesAlthough I haven't mentioned it on my blog I love cross stitiching.  I haven't had  time to do it in a long while but I still love reading cross stiching blogs and I drool over the gorgeous fabrics and threads. Juls has amazing taste in pattern/fabric/thread and is an amazing gifted stitcher!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Accomplished and Yearning for Supplies

Today is our Sunday. Ryan gets every Monday off so its the last day of our weekend, which is nice because it its a fast to get stuff done that we can't do on the actual weekend. we accomplished I think everything we had set out to do today and it feels good. I even had time to do my nails. I let Ryan decide what to do with them and he picked out the colors, stamping plate and even brought me the told I needed. He is super awesome, he knows exactly what I need to do my nails. He gets mad at himself though because he says he knows more about nail stuff then he knows about the stuff he likes. I do appreciate it!

You really can't tell but right now my nails are the longest they've naturally been and I'm pretty proud I took this picture with my phone and I thought I did a pretty good job with my cleanup but this photo shows otherwise. I already put everything away so I am going to list what I used from memory, correct me if I'm wrong.

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Amber Ruby
Sally Hansen Insta Dry Teal-y Fast
BM Plate 21
Seche Vite

In other Kandistar news, I got a huge thing of scrapbooking paper  from a yard sale so this means I am one step closer to start cardmaking again!! I still have next to nothing for supplies, they are still in Ontario and I cant afford to have them shipped out right now let alone buy new stuff which is awful because I have so many ideas. I thought if I could enter a few challenges I could win stuff but I still don't have the supplies I need. Its a lose-lose situation oh well C'est la vie....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hmm need to think of a creative catchy acronym

I need to create something that I can call my own an acronym of sorts.  I want to start listing the blogs I am reading everyday and if anything catches my eye from the blog I will feature it with credit and a direct link to the blog itself.  And if I can commit to this I promise it will be a super awesome feature that you will want to check in on everyday.  My blog will essentially be the portal "jack of all trades",  (hmm catchy but not catchy enough)  I love all crafts, nails, photography and the list goes on and on and ok.....

My mind is always scavenging new ideas I am constantly looking, seeking, something fantabulous(thats a word right) and I of course from time to time clear the cobwebs in my brain and come up with a genius idea of my own.


  • Scavenging Scatterbrain?? too confusing
  • Scavenger Hunt???.. Not original enough....
  • Kandistar Search??...hmmm there is a tv show "star search" but this one could be a contender...
  • Scaterbrain Kandistar Seeking All Sorts of Everything?? Too long and I can't help but think of that nasty black licorice All-Sorts candy..bleh
  • Kandistarworthy???...Hmmm not sure...
Gahh this is frustrating how do others come up with titles that totally work.  It will hit me because now for the rest of the day my brain will be generating all these corny, silly awful names and then at the most inconvenient time (probably when I am in bed) I will think of the perfect name..

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary Baby

4 years Ago today I married my best friend in Hoguin Cuba, Happy Anniversary Baby I love you xoxo

Candace and Ryan Woods Anniversary

These are my Anniversary nails I did today when Ryan was at work and I thought I would include my wedding rings as well