Sunday, March 7, 2010

What do you think?

I still haven't had time to sit down and make a card and I am seriously going through withdrawal, soon as the craft room is organized and I can get to the boxes of stuff I will create! Trying to find inspiration for some of my other hobbies as well, I love working on my art journal, and I will maybe post some pics of that another day.

On an exciting note I cooked Supper for my family for the first time ever tonight and it was horrible! It was called Chicken Strata, I don't know what I did wrong, I followed a recipe but i tell ya....eww

I am going through Olympic withdrawal as well, absolutely love watching them and now they are over = (

I really like the picture I previously posted of my Niece with the airplane so I struck the same pose hopefully soon we will have time to go down to the Airport soon and do some more plane spotting and i can try to think of some cool picture ideas!
I want to try to post a video on my blog of my wedding in Cuba as well as other pictures that I compiled with music. It's a DVD that I put together for everyone that couldn't make it to our wedding (which was everyone) Its a mixture of video clips and pictures, with music featuring the wedding, our swim with the dolphins which was absolutely hilarious and other pictures. I need your opinion would you like to see this? If so I will try to post it. I like sharing positive things, especially because some of my posts are not to positive, so i need your input! have a good night everyone!!


  1. Great photo.... i posted a package to your old address as i dont have the new one... it should be with you thursday or there abouts... please can you let me know when it arrives hun?
    Hope your'e feeling brighter... sorry dinner was yuck.... better luck next time.
    Keep smiling God bless love lynx

  2. I would love to see your wedding video...please let me know when you post, some days I get crazy busy and don't check my blogs. I am trying to keep up but sometimes I just get overloaded.
    Take care of yourself and keep positive
    Hugz sweetie