Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm in a Christmas mood today...

Just a little over a month until Christmas, I am a little sad that I will not be participating in any craft fairs this year but this just means that i will have an abundance of stuff to sell next year!

This card I made for my one of me dear friends baby boy he was born on September 16th 2010 so this will be his first Christmas. he is the cutest little boy, looks just like his mommy.

I have decided that i am going to enter this card into the following challenges;

1) - winter weather- (didn't make deadline whoops)
3) - we three (three snowflake embellishments)
Hope I win, I am really proud of this card and I hope little Tyson will like it, to see the glimmer click on the card for a bigger picture, the blue background paper is glitter, the image is colored with glitter gel pens, and i used little gems on different places on the card so there is lots of glimmer and bling. Thanks for visiting please leave a comment I really do appreciate them!
Love Candace

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three Challenges today!

Just a quick card for me today, I wanted to be productive even though it was kinda crappy today, I have found a few different challenges for this card, which even though was easy it was fun to put together. I used that sparkly craft foam again as a window pane which Santa and his reindeer are looking in. I have used little pearl stick ons to be snowflakes click the picture to look more closely hope you enjoy, here are the challenges:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Challenge card and other stuff!

A very productive day today, I worked on my Art Journal and I made a card slowly i am getting back into the swing of things I just don't like how my craft room has no TV or computer so I am working in silence and all of my card making stuff is up there and there is just too much to lug down two flights of stairs every time I want to make a card, and I have a teeny tiny living room so I can't migrate all of my stuff down here permanently oh well, my mom comes and keeps me company when I am making a card...OK back on topic I am so happy with this card and I decided that I would enter it into
1) - sketch
2) stars
This sketch was so fun I had a blast using that glittery foam, I have no idea where i got it but I want more!

The next picture i wanted to share with you is one that we took when we were waiting for hubby to pick up a jacket that he bought off of Kijiji. We were sitting by this beautiful lake in Victoria Harbour Ontario and the sun was setting and it was so beautiful!

The third and fourth pictures are me and my hubby making hemp necklaces, bracelets and anklets, we have a couple of vendors that buy them off of us and we need the extra money so we have been pretty much doing this constantly for the past few days to bring some extra cash in. Isn't my hubby cute?

Last picture is of me, and I look so big its because my knees are underneath and stretching out my nightie, no by no means am I skinny but this picture makes me look weirdly proportioned

Well hope more people start coming back around I fell kinda lonely in my corner of the blogging world I have had a few comments which I greatly appreciate, I am always checking to see if someone has visited, I know that my blog has been inactive but I'm back!

If you read this can you please read my last post I'd love to get some answers on previous questions I have asked in my last entry thanks everyone!

Love Candace

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just wondering....

Whooo hooo two posts in a row I told you I am back on track! Feeling kinda crummy today so not much in the line of productivity was done, blog hopped a little, drooled over some stamps I would love to have but can't afford lol such is life. I would like to do a swap of some sorts and would like to know how and where to get involved, so if anyone out there is still reading this I would love some advice! Till tomorrow...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Im Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (with a challenge Card!)

Ok so I haven't been keeping up with this whole blog thing, starting now I am going to try to post everyday whether it be creations that I make, interesting blogs or websites I find etc, but I will get readers coming back to my blog I will!

Whooo hooo this is my first card in forever, I dint have access to my craft room for the past couple of months but now I do so on with creating! I am so excited! I have decided to enter this card into just one challenge to warm myself up and that challenge will be which is a sketch this week, I had lots of fun with it and I hope you like it! I have already started my card for tomorrow I have a lot of catching up to do, and I miss the blogging world so leave some comments if you come visit to let me know that you are still out there!