Monday, November 30, 2009

Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge #60

This is my card for the challenge over at Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge. The theme this week was Christmas Trees. Check out this challenge at the link below.

Thank you for looking!
Sorry about the short but sweet post but I'm falling asleep writing this. I will make a good post tomorrow!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Banana Split Sunday Challenge

Here is my entry for the Challenge over at 2 Red Bananas. The challenge was to make a Christmas, or winter card. I think I am getting a bit better with photographing my cards. Here is the link to their challenge below.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mojo Monday Challenge #114

This is for my entry over at Mojo Monday
Excuse my photography skills, I'm not usually a bad photographer but this is only the second card i have ever taken a picture of so I need practice. Everything on this card is from the dollar store and you cant tell but the word cat and the cat itself are 3D. Thanks for looking!

My first Challenge, over at "Something Completely Different"

I have entered my first challenge over at
The challenge was to create a card with the theme "RED AND GREEN SNOWMEN". I hope I do everything right to enter this challenge, I still am clueless! This is also my first post with something I have made for everyone to look at, there will be much more of this to come. Here is my card for this weeks challenge. The 3D decoupage is from a kit from Vintage Cards magazine, and the rest of the stuff is just from my stash. Enjoy, your comments are appreciated!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To get me through the day.

So I have a lot of stuff to talk about today just where to begin? I am sooooo excited and happy like you wouldn't believe that I have two followers! That means that there are people reading my blog! This is a big deal to me because I never thought I would have a blog and that people were interested in what I have to say, wow! Like I mentioned before it's hard for me to leave my house and some of my old friends don't understand why. It hurts that I miss out on so much but doing crafts and looking at blogs, and now starting my own is what gets me through the day until my husband gets home. This won't be forever, I am going to get better I'm only 25 (almost 26) I have my whole life to live, I just have to get through this and it will only make me stronger as a person and know who I am. Anyways, I feel better sometimes when I give myself that reassurance, sorry I rambled on. I just found out today that my mom has pneumonia ( spelled that right on the first try) but she says its not that bad, so I hope she gets better real soon because her 50th birthday is in two weeks.
Here is some fantastic sites I found today while blog surfin and they are offering some fabulous candy, so go over and check out these blogs!

Ok so first and formost I need to figure out the whole sidebar thing can anyone help?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ok so, I have had my blog for a week and there are some very basic things that I am having problems doing, and i don't know why because I am all right with computers so, I am reaching out to fellow bloggers for advice on crucial blog necessities!  In the meantime I have some more blog candy for you to go visit on some amazing sites, the links are below.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I cant wait to get over, to my parents to load some pictures onto thier computer so i can post some of my creations on my blog! I wish I still had the cord for my camera but i can't find it since we moved and I cant find another that will fit the camera. Who knows, maybe Santa will bring me another camera for Christmas, this one I am using now has a broken screen anyways. No one has come to visit yet but I am trying to meet people by commenting on thier blogs, and who knows, maybe they will come visit me. ( If you do, I'd like to know how to post in my sidebar, thanks!) i have linked some more blog candy for anyone to go check out, thats if I get any visitors ;)

Hopefully tomorrow I will beable to get out of the house because the Santa Claus Parade where I live is tomorrow. See its not that easy for me to do this because of my anxiety disorder, its really hard to deal with right now and at the moment I only feel safe in my house. Hopefully the medication I am on will get me functioning so I can live normally, problem is many of my loved ones don't understand what I am dealing with right now. Only time will make things better, only time.

Just thought I would share a picture I took doing one of my hobbies, when I am feeling up to going out, this is plane watching. Yes it is an unusual hobby but it really is fun to do, they are so close and so loud and I love taking pictures of them.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well , I am going to try to write on my blog at least two times a day, I have been looking at blogs for several months now and have been wanting to create one myself, to hopefully meet people who have the same interests that i do as well as show others, my creations with various crafts and passions that I have. I dont know anyone personally who blogs, so i might forget to give someone proper credit, or I might make some mistakes, but I will learn just like everyone else has right?