Monday, May 31, 2010

Hope my friends are still around....

It has been nearly a month since I posted anything and I am so sorry, I hope not to lose any one of you as followers as I value your friendship. I have probably been at my worst this past month so my doctor finally put me on some stronger medication, it has been hard and I dont think things can get much worse so it can only be uphill from here. I havent been crafting making cards or anything but that is hopefully to change in the next week or so, thanks so much for understanding and looking foward to getting back into the swing of things soon, stick around!

Love Candace

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Mommy's (yes I call her that) Mother's day card

I made this card for my Mom, she really likes cats and hello kitty and I wanted to make her something that would display pretty. This is my first time making one of these cards and they look pretty but are a pain in the butt, there was alot of trial and error here! I am not entering it into any challenges because my OCD told me not to. Confused? I was planning on entering it into challenges but then something in my mind told me that something bad would happen if I did. Sounds silly but this happens to me all of the time, like if I am making a collage and I cut something out for it and go to use it something tells me not to again because something will happen or if I check to see if the door is locked and then walk away and say did I check it, when I try to reassure I did and walk away, I get a bad feeling and must go check it again. All of this on top of my anxiety whew! I'm not going to lie I like entering challenges with the hopes of winning, especially if there is a prize, because I still haven't gotten out to spend that money I still can't leave the house, and I need new card making stuff, oh well hopefully my conscience will let me enter a card tomorrow. I sure wish Santa would come now, cause sending my husband shopping isn't going to work and Santa knows what a card maker needs to make her happy, too bad I have 7 months till Christmas for him to come!

Thought I would share a pic of my lovely bratty spoiled kitty "Princess" Belle. She thinks she is a dog, she barks, its cute, and weird but I love her.