Thursday, April 29, 2010

Niece's birthday card Challenge entry

I posted two posts yesterday and no one came to visit, guess the posts were boring lol!

I found out today that I made top 5 at!
Yay me, made my day a little brighter!

I made a card for my Niece's 10th Birthday, really wanted to accomplish something today and I am so glad that I finished a card! I used a freebie image from Dustin Pike who is an awesome illustrator and creates amazing digi images if you haven't been to his blog you should go, his images are awesome I just wish there was a way I could buy his images because I would in a second, the ones he has for sale are drool worthy, and I would by all of them they are very low priced and well worth it, but alas I cant purchase something over the computer and pass cash through the computer screen or I would.

I am entering this card in the following challenges: - Girly with flowers - Desert Island (can't live without sticky gems need to have them!) blooms (flowers) flowers song title (The happy birthday song counts right?) sketch birthday with sweet treat 3 layers 2 DPS 1 ribbon (ribbon in center underneath star brads) flowers girly flowers blooms (flowers) bling Make it sweet girlie Birthday anything goes Birthday metallic (star brads)

Whew didn't think I would qualify for that many! looking for these challenges keeps me busy, take up a good hour to go through my list to See what I qualify for and then each morning I go through each of the challenge blogs to see if they have a new challenge. I am learning with my anxiety that I have to keep my mind focused on other things so I don't have time to think about my anxiety so if going through all of the challenges takes up some of my time then its all good, I need some excitement in my life and I love the anticipation of entering challenges! Hope you don't find it rude I enter so many.

Really want to leave the house I am getting cabin fever I think, I am going stir crazy, and I want to stock up my stash of craft supplies so bad, I was talking with Ryan today and we realized I have pretty much been confined to the house for almost 6 months! That's crazy, I have been sick for almost 3 years but its this past 6 months have been the worst, and the past month the absolute worst. How much longer nobody knows but I know I am not going to wake up tomorrow and be better and that's kind of depressing. Anyways enough of the depressing stuff for today, just feels good to get it out, you know what I mean?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Garage Sale finds on April 24

This is my second post for today yay me! If you want to read my last post you know where to find it, just letting you know it is there! I wanted to show what I got at garage sales this past weekend, I absolutely love them, and in the morning I am at my best, and my anxiety levels are low so I am able to go out for a hour or so, not long enough for the stores to open and to shop but early enough to find some thrifty finds!
Here is a list of the stuff I got from left to right
1) All three sisterhood of the travelling pants books (I liked the movie)$1.50
2) 12 Spools of ribbon (only eight shown)- $2.00 for 12
3) Wool - $1.00 for all
4) Slippers (so comfortable) $5.00
5)huge box of glitter leaves flowers etc. (click on pic for closer look)- $3.00 for box
6) maze book- 25 cents
7) In next picture see that desk? I got it for $5.00, yes you are reading that right, awesome deal! We didn't have a computer desk and this family was moving and wanted to get rid of it because they had bought their son anew one for their new home!

Total spent at Garage Sales= $17.75

Pretty good don't you think? Its a full moon tonight and it is pretty If you live somewhere that it is just becoming nighttime now, look out the window for the moon!

Its a sad day...moving on...

Yesterday two of my rats died, I will spare the details as Ryan said that I don't want to know them. We have had the first two Rats Disney and Lola for two years and more recently we got Coco and Chanel. It was Disney and Coco that passed on, Disney was my rat, the first one we got and anyone that has had rats for pets understands what great pets they make. For those of you squirming, they are not your gross street rats, and they are really smart. Don't believe in the stereotype of rats! I never got a picture of Coco but here is a picture of Disney

It is just the same as losing a cat or a dog it is really sad, they were our babies and we will miss them RIP Disney and Coco. ( Trying not to cry as I type this)

Ok I'm going to change the subject to get my mind off of that. Thank you for your advice on where to spend that money, I have yet to go shopping because I have not been well enough to leave the house, I tried twice and couldn't do it, I got frustrated because I don't know why this is the way it is for me but it's frustrating to not beable to go shopping and from the way things are going doesn't look like its going to be anytime soon. I want new stuff to play with!

Today I am going to try and make some cards, I have been coloring some images I just havent been up to the craft room which is another thing too, I feel comfortable and relaxed in my room, and to go upstairs is a big challenge for me but I want to try today!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Opinions Please ASAP thanks love you guys!

OK so I am on Ontario Disability which is basically like a pension kind of for people that cant work due to disabilities. They offer a one time start up cheque for people that are receiving disability when you either go back to work to buy work supplies or if you are looking at starting a home based business they give you this one time amount. My case worker was over yesterday and I told her that I plan to get more serious with my card making hopefully turning it into a source of income down the road, she agreed that I could benefit from the start up cheque and I am getting it tomorrow. It is for the amount of $500CAD. Now because my husband and I don't have loads of money we obviously want to buy something I normally wouldn't be able to buy otherwise maybe. I looked into the Cricut obviously that was my first choice but they are really expensive and the cartridges are expensive as well I would never be able to afford to buy these cartridges. So I looked at the Cuttlebug and it seems more reasonable but not a whole lot of choice of stuff I can go to the stores here in Barrie and buy, I don't know what to do, I would like opinions regarding what would be a wise investment with this money, I don't even necessarily need either of these machines, I just want to spend this money wisely because I will never have this to spend on card making stuff ever again, Please help, I 'm stressed out, I know you guys are all well educated in card making and will help me!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Multiple challenges!

I made this card for my Mother in law for her birthday, this is the first time I have used a Magnolia stamp so I hope I did it proud, I loved coloring her with my gel pens, thanks again Lyn for the stamps, now that my craft room is workable I can start stamping! I was leaning the card up against my cat because she wouldn't move when I was trying to take the picture so it looks a little crooked but that is OK, you get the idea. The challenges I have entered this card into are listed below. Read below for more life updates. - Flowers and wings (stamp has wings flower near sentiment) - Happy Birthday - Touchy feely things with texture ( ribbon, flower) - Bling (jewels on sentiment and balloon) - Something for the Girls - pretty pearls ( on the base of the balloon and on her hair bow - things with wings (stamp has wings) - cutie pie (stamp is cute!) - use green as the main color - girly girl

So yes more about the hospital as some have been asking, the waiting list is so long that they think I will get in around January, yes you read that right, is that not horrible? I don't know how they expect me to go on for that much longer, I don't know how much worse things could get and how much worse I can feel let alone how long I have to do it for, everyday is a struggle and I hate it. When I get better I am going to fight the system to get this whole waiting list thing changed, the money is not provided by the government to fund more mental health facilities therefore the wait times are terrible, voices need to be heard things need to be changed, and when I am stronger my voice will be heard! ( OK enough of the ranting and political stuff)

I so would like to get out of the house, and do some supply shopping its something that I just cannot send my Husband to do, he doesn't understand, there are thing I need and can't go out to get them!

My husband made this card for his mother and he said I could post it I think that he did an awesome job, even though the picture I took of it isn't that great

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cheering my self up....

Lets get down to business, first I am entering this card into several challenges - Letter "B" (Butterflies) - Texture (velvet ribbon) - Challenge Challenge (made my first easel card!) Monomania (Shades of green) - (butterflies) - sketch fancy folds (easel card) - on the spot (dotted paper on base of card) - Bows - things with wings (butterflies) anything goes inspire others (easel card) - green - get well soon - texture (velvet ribbon)

Whew now that's out of the way, hope I win! I tried to make an easel card because I have never made one and they are much easier then I thought, this will be a card I make quite often, I really enjoyed it. I chose to make a get well card I guess to cheer my self up, I have been feeling really bad this past week, the hubby says its the worst that its been in the three years that I have been sick. I have decided not to leave the house, because I cant make it past the front door, I am going stir crazy being trapped in here though but I know going out will be much worse. I am OK while my meds are fresh in me but they wear off quick, and then I have to wait till my next dose, so right now I am fine. but wont be long enough to go anywhere. No shopping for me. Anyways enough about the sad stuff, I don't want to drive you all away, because who wants to read a depressing blog?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

In the near future...

Hopefully I will be posting more creations soon, however just a heads up as to what is going on with my life.

I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday past, and he told me that he didn't think that just going in to see him once a week was enough. He says my anxiety and other problems are more serious then what he thought when he decided to take me on as a patient so......

Next week he is going to be starting a process to send me to a hospital in Whitby Ontario which deals with mental disorders. I will be staying there for I don't know how long, he feels that I need round the clock treatment so I can get better sooner, because it has almost been 3 years that I have been this sick.

It's kind of embarrassing to think that I am going to be in a mental hospital, not something to be proud of, I have been in the hospital before but not one just dedicated to mental illness and it was hard, because despite the anxiety I am functional, I am not a danger to anyone, and I can think clearly, I don't like that anxiety is under the category mental illness because of stereotypes, its sounds worse then it really is.

I don't know exactly when I will be going, could be a week or even a month from now, it is when they have the room for me, its just a waiting game, hopefully I will have more creations to post before then but if not please do stick around because I will be back, I'm just letting everyone know now whats up just in case.