Thursday, February 25, 2010

The move!!

Hey everyone, wow these last few days have been terrible, moving two homes into one is chaotic and everyone is on a short fuse and ugh...
My parents couldn't get there queen size box spring upstairs into there bedroom and it was a really expensive one and that's just the beginning of it.

Thanks again everyone for keeping me in your prayers, on Sunday night they were heard. It was probably the worst night if my life, I was about to go to sleep and all of a sudden it just hit me I had the worst anxiety attack I have ever had in my life to date, and considering I have them on a daily basis, this one was by far the worst. I felt I was losing control of my mind and my body and I was losing the battle, I didn't think I was going to come out of it, I was about ready to call an ambulance I'm sure glad that night has passed.

Anyways I can still receive mail at my old place because we have not sold as of yet. I think that I have gotten my address out to those who are kind enough to send me some images (i love you guys) but with all of the chaos I'm not sure who has my new address and who doesn't so leave a comment if i have not given you my new address and you want it and I will be sure to email it to you, and for those that I have given it too could you please email it to me just to ensure that I have given the proper one! Sorry of all of this confusion I just want to make sure your address book is correct! I will be up and running soon with more creations and visiting your blogs and seeing all of the lovelies that you have made soon! Thanks for being such great friends and for sticking around. Hugs to everyone!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Allsorts Week #39 and Tuesday Morning Sketches #33 two cards, two challenges again...

Card 1- Allsorts Challenge

Card 1- This is my entry for the Allsorts Challenge Blog Week 39. The challenge was a recipe challenge and that we had to use 3 of something, two of something and one of something. I used
3- Butterflies
2- Different decorative papers
1- Birthday Embellishment
My Grandmas birthday is coming up March 12 so made this card with her birthday in mind. The butterflies have come from the website I have went to for all of my other decoupage projects I love this site! My paper and letters were stuff that i had in my stash and the Birthday Embellishment came from some surprise goodies that were sent to me by BlackDragon
I had won a free digi image in a blog hop that she was involved in and she was kind enough to send me her projects that she used the images on which was a box and a card, and when I received it the box was filled with wonderful goodies, thank you so much!

Card 2- Tuesday Morning Sketches
Like the title of the blog this was a sketch challenge I felt like starting my Easter cards so I created one, for the challenge, The sketch was a little tricky but soon as I saw it it reminded me of an egg in the center, then I saw this cute 3d decoupage bunny over on photo bucket, I will give proper credit when I find the place to give it to. My papers are a mixture of just stuff I had and the cute butterflies that are at the top are from the dollar store.

I cant believe that I made so many cards today, despite all of the chaos, I couldn't leave the house because I wasn't up to it but I had to keep my mind busy so I made cards, I made three more but they are going to people who might read this blog, so check your mailboxes maybe its you!

Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm still alive...

Sorry I haven't been around, this is a very busy week, this is the week we get the keys to the new place, still haven't sold our place yet so keep us in your thoughts and hopefully we will sell! I don't know my new full address but when I do I will get it to those that said they would send me some stamped images, you guys are awesome i am so lucky to have met wonderful friends like you and if there is anything I can do for you, let me know! Stick around I will be back with more exciting stuff hopefully real soon when the chaos calms down!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wow I'm impressed-Two Cards, two challenges!

Entry for Just Cute Bears Challenge- Challenge #3 Hearts

Entry for Tuesday Morning Sketches #32

Just wanted to post the cards at the very top so the entry's can be seen by the judges as soon as they link to my post.
Card 1- I came across this challenge blog and thought this would be a fun challenge. I used a 3D decoupage image from the same place I used in from on my last 3D card, if you want to go check it out there are some super cute images to play with
I'm just mad that you can't tell it is 3D because I worked really hard cutting all of the little pieces out, so just imagine, you are seeing it in person because it is way better.
Card 2- Really like this Challenge blog, the people over there are great and the sketch for this week was super fun. I decided to do it Valentine themed and I did an iris folded heart on the front, soon as I saw this sketch I knew I wanted to do the iris folding, and I knew that I would just work the rest of my card around the heart which I wanted to be the focal point, after I made that heart everything else just came together,. I like this card because it is different and required my patience.
I have a question for anyone reading this and I'm hoping someone is able to help. I really would like a House Mouse or Magnolia stamp and would be willing to buy an old one that you may not be using, my Husband and I are not in the situation to have a credit card or even to set up pay pal right now but other payment arrangements could be made, I just really want to make a card with one of these images and I can't buy them brand new for the reasons listed above, I would even be willing to pay for some stamped images if your not willing to part with a stamp but I read on blogs that, that is wrong, and I don't know if this is corrector if it is OK to stamp images for someone else, anyways I hope you don't find me rude for asking but it never hurts right?
(As last time now on to non card related stuff)
We had a viewing today but we don't know the outcome yet, i have to wait till the real estate posts the feed back on the website, so cross your fingers and toes for us because we want this place sold!
Past Couple of days have been really hard for me I have been feeling a lot of agitation and anger because i am just so frustrated as to why I have to deal with being sick and why for so long. I have been this way for two and a half years, It will be 3 years in June. I am having several panic attacks a day at this moment and they pretty much follow a schedule,I have learned and tried all of the techniques possible and they don't work. Then during those periods of the day when I am not having my anxiety my mood is really low and sometimes I feel as if I am going to snap, and just lose control of my thoughts and actions which is the scariest thing ever and what's even worse is that its not a one time thing for me its on a frequent basis. When I am having these moments I do think of the prayers you all have sent me and it gets me through so I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sew Many Challenges -Challenge #3

I wanted to try a Challenge over at Sew Many Challenges, as I found their site during a blog hop and I won a $25 Gift Certificate to Stamp And Create and an upcoming top secret new release Rubber Stamp from Wags n' Whiskers (yes I copied my prize from over at the site itself that is why there is those hyperlink thingies which I don't know how to do.) It's a wonderful site and if you haven't been over there go check it out

They are a very friendly bunch and this challenge was super fun, so what are you waiting for finish reading my post and go take a look for yourself!

Anyways back on topic, the challenge was to use the colours red, silver and black with a Valentines Day theme, I love Precious Moments and thought that this would be perfect for the challenge. I am trying to get better by using more embellishments and going out of my comfort zone but this is something that I still have to work on.

(If you choose to continue reading this entry for other then the challenge you may, but I wouldn't want to bore you, it's just updates on how I'm feeling and stuff for those that are interested. For those here to see my entry that's it for card related stuff in this post. I feel that I should keep the two topics separate for those who choose not to know what is going on with me personally and just want to see my card, eitherway I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and visit. Your comment's mean the world to me!)

-------UPDATES IN MY LIFE-----------

Just under two weeks until we get the keys for the townhouse, and just over two weeks till we have the moving truck, we still haven't sold our place yet, but it will probably look better and sell quicker if nothing is in it. With it being a trailer, the emptier it is the better, that way it looks bigger and people can use their imaginations, I'm imagining its a lot different then selling a house. Hopefully it sells before then but who knows. The real estate agent said that she thinks it is going to sell soon but until someone puts in an offer its any ones guess. Enough with that, boring....

Still feeling crappy, I went to the doctors and he upped my Seroquel by 25mg which is hardly nothing, He still doesn't have me on an anti-depressant which makes me feel like I am missing something. It's making it hard to function. I want to be going out and living a normal life, not missing everything because I can't leave the house, I feel like I am in this horrible rut and I'm spinning around in circles

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stamp Something Delightfully Delicious Challenge

First I will post the picture for the challenge, describe it then I will ramble!

This is my entry for the challenge over at The challenge was to create something that was delightfully delicious.

I got this freebie Digi from She is so cute and I thought with the cupcake this would be a perfect image for the challenge. The patterned paper is one that came with a pad of papers from Michael`s. 180 sheet`s for $20 CAD. I`m pretty sure I got a good deal. Colored her with regular markers, pencil crayons and gel pens and the other paper and embellishments and stuff is all from the Dollarama, The thumb is mine lol.

This is the first card I have made in a little bit but after I move the ball is going to get rolling a little under three weeks and I will be able to create, socialize and visit more on all of your wonderful and inspiring blogs! I do miss having the time, and I really do get excited to see that someone has posted something new and I have a feeling that I am not the only one like this. Ahh the life of a blogger! Ok, yeah now I'm rambling. It`s been kinda quiet on my blog so come by enjoy what I have to show you and prepare for more excitement in the next couple of weeks!