Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Star Blogs~ July 31 2012

Inspiration Blog~ Glow-in-the-Dark Soul - Elaine is one amazing blogger. When I found her blog I would spend hours reading through her archives, drooling over all the pictures on her blog and getting buckets of inspiration.  She pays attention to the little details in life and shows you how beautiful anything can be.  She offers classes, tutorials and tips and tricks to get your creative juices flowing.  I love reading through blogs that not only focus on the theme of the blog (whatever that may be ) but you read a real life story of this persons life.  Elaine has went through so many changes since the start of her blog (finishing school, getting married)  I recommend this blog if you want to see tons of color, fun ideas, and if you just want to be inspired by her super cute world!

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  1. awe this is SO sweet! You are so nice! I'm glad you enjoy my blog and are sharing it! <3 You should come out of hiding and comment more! :) Thank you so much for my "star feature!"