Monday, August 6, 2012

Catching Up.... Picture heavy and one feet picture!!!!

Due to a recent medication change my body has been all off whack and my anxiety has been through the roof.  I have not been able to function properly.  I am bursting at the seams with ideas, creativity and lacking the strength, motivation and power to unleash.  Here is a catch up post and hopefully over the next few days I will be able to get my blog super cool!!!!
We went to a Airshow in Whitecourt Alberta, this is the Canadian Snowbirds, they are Canada's Airforce demonstration team.  Unfortunately soon as their show began there were some storm clouds (not shown in picture) they were dark, nasty and producing lightning which forced them to cut their show short.
Here are my Snowbird nails I did for the Airshow.  I used waterslide decals I made and Sally Hansen Gem Crush polish.

This is me sitting in the Quiet room in the Emerg at the hospital (Despite the scorching heat outside, it was freezing in there!)

My wonderful Husband painting my toe nails

I had a cool idea to do Mario Bros themed nails in anticipation of the New Mario game coming out for the 3DS, my Idea was to have mushrooms with the characters in the stems, I failed miserably....

This is China Glaze in Flying Dragon I am not happy with this polish, horrible application and  the formula is inconsistent .  Maybe I have a bad bottle because this polish seems to be fairly popular?

I loved these nails. Stamped with BM..I forget and used Nails Chic Nail art pens in Pink and Black

Bottle Shots...see I'm getting better with documentation

I know you are going to get mad but I asked Ryan to pick out my polishes for this one and he chose  one he recently  bought me before the scandal.....Sinful Colors Frenzy.  I stamped with BM?  (I gotta remember the plate numbers) and used the New Essie Mirror Effects There is No place like Chrome.

These are today's nails again with the suggestion of Ryan my Hubby.  I have a polar bear Webkinz named comfort who has been with me the entire fight through being sick hospital stays and all, I printed out a pic of him on waterslide nail decals and used them on top of Wet and Wild Bijou Bayou and little Heart confetti.
Saving the best for last..... Look what Christie from Fingers and Toads sent me to cheer me up you haven't seen recently on my blog but I love paper and paper crafts!!!  Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I am glad to see that you have been nail productive...LOL...Thanks for the shout out, Best for last. I love the Hello Kitty nails...