Friday, July 20, 2012

Star Blogs July 20 2012

Second post for the day, whose motivated ME!!!! Kinda like get it while its hot?  I dunno....  Anyways I have a wonderful, fantastic, super, inspiring amazing blog for you today!! Just one link to share today but it s quality over quantity right and I assure you its worth checking out!!!

Nail and Plus Size Awareness Blog - Fingers and Toads - Christie is a girl that I ran into via the Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge.  She lives in the USA and ever since I sent her that first message asking her how in the world she made her nail tattoos, we have been talking via Facebook and today for the first time we video chatted!!! It was awesome.  So glad I met her online!! ( hopefully I will meet her one day in person)  We have so much in common and she is super awesome, witty and creative.  She is a plus size girl like myself and she wants to review products on her blog that can make a gals life easier.  Today she reviewed these awesome bras and she was questioning whether it was appropriate to post pictures of herself in the bras to show how amazing they were. Of course!! In my opinion her posting those pictures is no different then someone posting pictures of themselves in a bikini.  Her blog is in its infancy but I assure you with the personality she has her blog is going to be one to bookmark and check everyday!

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  1. This is the nicest thing that has happened to me in a long time. I am glad that we have come into each others life. I am glad that I could make a difference in your life because you have in mine. Thank you for the shout out...