Saturday, July 28, 2012

Too long I have waited...


I am an Olympicoholic. ( I'm thinking by the red underneath that word,  it isn't a word but to me it is!)
I have one event going on the TV and one on the computer and I'm flicking back and forth to other events. 

Last Olympics 2010 Vancouver was of course in my country and even though Vancouver was far from Ontario (where I lived at the time) It was still awesome!!!

Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenges us to do nail art inspired by the Olympic opening ceremony/Flag.  The next couple Nail Art challenges revolve around the Olympics as well but I might be busy so I am going to make this one super awesome!!

First I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, I just started using it so I haven't noticed if it is working but I hear that its good so I will use it before I polish my nails and see if their is progress.  If anyone has any other suggestions to helping my nails grow, please share.  I have never ever in my life had my own natural long nails, I definitely do not take after my mom and grandma!!

My Base coat is LA Colors Live.  I am going to be using tons of colors so I wanted something more neutral that would go with everything and make all the other colors pop.  Since I will be using black in my design and I didn't want white I thought I would go with silver.
Coat one:  A little streaky but pretty opaque, Hit nail on my desk so regardless I'm doing a second coat.
Coat 2: This is all you need with this polish. It has  a foil look, not completely smooth but I like it

I printed of some waterslide decals for the Olympic rings, one of the mascots and the London 2012 logo.  Thanks so much Christie for inspiring me to make my own decals!! I LOVE them, they are so easy to do, its hard to get the paper here but its worth the effort.  For my ring and index finger I tried a million different things and by this time I was so tired my eyes were hurting so I made arches that look better in person then in the photo. I used Nails Chic Nail art pens which I only have a few colors of but they are awesome and I want more as mine are getting used up very quickly. I only did my one hand as I needed my nails clear for this weekend as I have other plans for them.  

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