Sunday, July 29, 2012

Red and Black

Another group I belong to on Facebook is Adventures in Stamping.  There is a challenge every Sunday that is chosen from a list of ideas, the highest vote being the winner (kind of a no brainer, don't know why I explained that)

This Sunday we are challenged to do a "Black and Red" stamping nail art and I have to say I wasn't really feeling like dark colors but I didn't have any other ideas of what I wanted to do with my nails so I'm doing it!

I picked the lightest red I had and that is Finger Paints "Vermillions Painting"  It is more of an orangish red and shhh I used it as an orange before when I was challenged to use and orange over at the Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge.

I only needed one coat of Vermillions Painting.  I love this polish.  like I mentioned an orange-red with tiny gold shimmer in it.  It has been the polish that is catching my eye the most lately and not just when I'm doing challenges.
I stamped the bows with my QA5 plate using my Betty Boop Black polish which is my favourite black for stamping.  I then free handed the tips with my Nails Chic nail art pen in Black.  

 Not my favorite and probably won't keep this design on for more then a couple hours.  I'm just not feeling it today.

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