Wednesday, July 25, 2012

s.s.s.s.s.s.snake nails.s.s.s.s.s.s

Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenges us today to do nail art inspired by a day at the zoo.  I wanted something bright today as I have not been feeling well and so I looked for inspiration and found it on a non-nail blog.  Just a random picture of a beautiful snake from a trip to the zoo.  Perfect, I haven't done snake nail art yet.

So I started of with a base of China Glaze In the Lime Light ~ Lime Green with a subtle blue shimmer that you really need to search for.

First Coat: Barely there really streaky and it dries Matte
Second Coat:  There was barely any difference from the first, how many coats will this take?
Third Coat: The polish is still a little streaky and looks caked on.  I had hopes with this third coat when I put it on, I was like there we go nice and even, I moved my hand around to inspect the awesome polish job I did and was let down, move my hand again, good, and again, not so much.  Hopefully after I stamp it will look better because I am not putting any more coats on.


I first tried stamping with LA Colors Color Craze in Live.  I always test on paper first and this polish is not good for stamping, it is very faint.  My Husband suggested I stamp with gold instead, he said it would be more authentic to a snake but I envisioned silver which is good because I don't have a good gold polish.

The new Essie Mirror Metallics in No Place Like Chrome is awesome to stamp with!!!!

BM 215

However, my choices in polishes together is a fail!!  The  two colors I chose were not contrasting enough to make the silver or green pop.  They just blended in together and instead of the WOW!!! I imagined it was a MEH....

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