Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Sweetest Thing- Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge #49

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I guess when something happens that is devastating, every one has there own way to deal with things. For me, I know that because I have anxiety, I must carry on as normal as possible when something happens in order to get through some rough times. If not I wouldn't be able to cope.
This morning at 4am EST my Grandma passed away. She has held on for over a year since she had her stroke which was a week after I got married. She was a real fighter and an amazing woman. She is technically only my step grandma however I have been raised knowing her as my real Grandma because my dad came into our lives when I was about two. She never treated me any different then her other grandchildren I suppose because she has watched me grow up. She had a hard life and a very kind heart, she had been through much heartache but still had a heart of gold. She always made you feel so special. Even through this past year when she wasn't able to talk or respond, when we would go visit her there was a sparkle in her eye, and you knew she knew you were there. She only met my husband a few times but she was crazy about him! When she was in the hospital after having her stroke she wasn't responsive at all. She just lay there sleeping but when my husband came in and this is hours after the rest of the family was in talking to her she woke right up and tried so hard to smile and it was amazing. Now my husband has done some special things but that was amazing! This is the most I have opened up all day this blog is really helping me and if this is what it takes to get it out then so be it.

Now I need to tell you something about my husband and why that moment was so special with my Grandma.
I met my Husband about six months before I got sick, I was going through a pretty rough time and one night I went to bed and I prayed for a sign that everything was going to be OK. Now mind you I am not very good with prayers but I do pray. That night I had a dream and there was a man in this dream that I had never met before. I woke up the next morning and went to school, I was in college at the time and I looked everywhere figuring I had seen him there. No he wasn't there. A couple of weeks later the day after valentines I met my husband who I had only communicated with through the computer. We agreed to meet and when I first saw him I realized he had been the man in my dream! and there was no possible way of seeing him before because he had just moved here from three hours away. OK another thing, is when you take pictures of him, and this has happened on more then one occasion and with different cameras, he is somewhat transparent. Call me crazy but I have my beliefs that he is an angel. He can make any child stop crying and warm up to him, even in line at Walmart, and I haven't met a animal that doesn't like him. How he got my grandmother to respond fits into my theory. and yes you probably think I'm crazy and you will never visit my blog again but there are too many unexplained occurrences. If you are still reading this thanks for listening. And no I am not crazy!

OK so I had to keep my mind off of today so I entered a challenge over at The Sweetest Thing. I did half the card in the dark because my power went out so I didn't have much light. but the power is back on now.


  1. My deepest sympathy to you and your family! Big hugs coming your way across the ocean. Hang in there girl, she will always be with you in spirit.
    You have a very special man there, he sounds like a keeper. I don't think you are crazy at all. God sends us angels in many forms, some of them we never even recognise, but they are still there.

  2. Hugs, love and positive thoughts. Don't comment often but do drop by to see what you have been up to its so inspiring. Very moved today reading your posting. One day at a time hun it will get easier. (((Hugs)))

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss! Sending you BIG {{Hugs}} and thoughts. Your card is amazing - I love the beads! And you are awesome to make 1/2 of this in the dark. Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Candace, I have some good news for you! You have won my blog candy! I will announce it on my blog tonight! send me your address to my e-mail -I have never mailed to Canada, are there any special instructions?