Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Olympic Torch Comes through Barrie Ontario, and...where is everyone?

My biggest problem I have always had even before the anxiety is Paranoia, come to think of it that could be one of my links to my Anxiety. I used to dread when I was younger if one of my friends was mad at me that everyone was mad at me. I have thought that because someone doesn't get back to me for a couple of days that they too were mad at me. Now this has been personal and very hard to tell in such a public place but its me, it's who I am. The reason why I am bringing this up, is because no one commented on my last post, I don't know if I did something wrong with the card or said something wrong, but the highlight of my day is getting comments from all of you amazing people. Please don't get offended by this but I miss you guys and if I ever say or do anything wrong on one of my posts please let me know so i can fix it or remove the content from my blog. I know that it's the busy time of year and I am just working myself up and ultimately this blog is for me but I have loved the interaction with each and everyone of you. Please excuse this ramble. I don't know if I am just making it worse.

Anyways the Olympic torch came to Barrie Ontario last night and we only had to go a couple of blocks from our house to see it go by. i wasn't feeling the best but i wasn't going to miss this.

Me and my Hubby waiting and it was really cold!

The Coca Cola Float in the procession

The Olympic Torch such a beautiful thing to see and the runners had tears streaming sown their faces i wanted to cry to it was such an amazing moment!

This last shot was taken by mistake and it is our favourite picture out of the whole bunch. Our camera is really on it's last legs and we didn't get one for Christmas so this one will have to do.

I have been reading the archives of all of your blogs, yes all of them, I have a little organizational thing going on in Excel Spreadsheet and I read a little bit of the archives each day until i get caught up to the recent posts, so soon I will be leaving comments and such on your blogs, I just wanted to catch up on everything first, and it takes awhile when you have many posts! I want to follow the blog properly and that is why I am reading each and every one of your blogs the entire was through! I thought that that's why people haven't come here because i am not going there but I am trust me! I just feel reading them in order won't get me so confused and I am not jumping all over the place.
If i don't post tomorrow Happy New Year's everyone!


  1. Thanks for you comments on my blog.I hope you enjoyed the blog hop and thanks for taking part.
    Debbie xxx
    Have a fab New Year

  2. You know what I completely understand what you are saying, we are reaching out with our blogs as well as keeping a record for ourselves and we all look forward to the comments and responses to our work. We are our own peer group and a word of praise from one of us to another often means more than from a non crafting friend.

    So glad you were able to go and watch the torch guess we will have big crowds here in the UK in 18 months or so to see it!

    Happy New Year, make it a positive one.

  3. Not anything you did. My DH surprised me with a few days away from home. We went to a small town in the Free State (one of our 9 provinces), called Rosendal. It is very small and very quiet! We spent New Years with some school friends who own a farm nearby and only got home a couple of hours ago.
    So glad to hear you didn't miss the torch! It must have been an amazing experience.
    Have a wonderful year, with less fears and more positive thoughts.