Monday, December 28, 2009

Cute Card Thursday Challenge #92

The challenge over at Cute Card Thursday was a them card and the theme was NEW YEARS.

I have never made a card for New Years before nor have I ever received one , so this was a challenge for me. I just thought of glitter and colourful streamers and that's where i came up with the idea for this card.

For some reason, despite everything that is current in my life, I rather enjoy new years. We don't really do anything for New Years Eve but the feeling that the new year brings, can even make someone who suffers from anxiety and depression have hope that the new year will be a better one. One thing for sure is that sometime in 2010 I need a trip! I find when I go away it really helps me but I guess vacations help everyone. I really don't care where I go, I just need to get away! Now this probably won't happen because we don't have money to do such a thing but you never know what could happen. It doesn't hurt to dream does it?

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