Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December 1st!!

Ok bear with me I have several things that I need to get out in today's post so I congratulate you i you read it to the end. I don't know what to say first so I will organize it like I would If i were writing a to do list

1) I won my first blog candy today! I am so happy, my heart stopped for a second and I ran to go get my husband who was outside doing work to tell him, I probably had the reaction of someone who just won the lottery, but I feel like I did, I am so excited, It made my week! A big thank you to Alison (Groovycrafter) who's blog candy I won. Check out her blog here

2) I know I mentioned last week that I would be getting some blog candy of my own up, and I will I just haven't been well enough to leave my house, to go out and get stuff, and I don't want to send my husband because well, that just wouldn't go over well. I see the doctor tomorrow so depends how I am feeling I hope I can go get something. ( I hate being stuck in the house and my 26th birthday is on Dec 22 so I'm hoping I can get out of the house for that and Christmas.) Anyways im rambling about that again, I guess it's just natural when it's the main part of my life at the moment. Anyways...

3) I figured out how to post things in my sidebar!

Ok so it seems that I though that I had more stuff to write, I can't remember what all I wanted to say now so I might have to post again later. Anyways for now I will leave you with some more links to some yummy blog candy!



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