Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Star Blogs September 18, 2012

I have been super busy conspiring plans for this blog and editing wedding photos from 2 weddings that were in August.  That is about 6000 pictures.  I have two more weddings to go for the 2012 wedding season and then I will just be doing the odd family session here and there.  Winter is slow for on location photographers, especially when you live in Northern Canada where temperatures can go below -40 degrees Celsius brrrrrrr!!!!

I just finished going through the archives for my first Star Blog and loved every minute I spent reading it!

Nail Polish Blog!- A Little Polish- I found Stephanie's blog a few weeks ago and in between editing photos I have been going through her past posts and absorbing ocean size inspiration!  She belongs to a group that I am also in on Facebook; Adventures in Stamping.  She includes pictures of her nails in every post and she is very versatile with her nail art.  Thanks Stephanie for being my go to read these past few days while I was having a break!

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