Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Sad Fail, but gorgeous colors!!!!

Among the many groups I belong to on Facebook that are nail art related is Adventures in Stamping and every week they have a vote for the challenge on Sunday.  This week you had to get someone else pick a stamping plate for you.  Ryan picked out my polishes and my plate, but secretly I didn't think it was that great, so right now my nails are naked!

I used 
Sally Hansen Extended Wear Base Coat
Wet n Wild - Saved by the Blue
Seche Vite Top Coat
Stamped with Billie Cosmetics in Rose
Mattified with NYC Matte Me Crazy
And did an accent nail with Mrs. P's Nail Potions Spectra Flair Top Coat.

You need to visit her Etsy Store.  She creates beautiful polishes and needs her name out there!!  I had the pleasure of receiving my polishes in person as she lives in Edmonton and we went down there last weekend and she is super cool and a new mom!!!

Here is Wet n Wild before the cleanup, I figure that there is no point unless I am specifically doing a swatch to clean up as I'm just going to make a mess again anyways!  Such a gorgeous blue! The formula is really thick and after 2 coats it felt like I had on five!  It also seemed to take forever to dry, but despite all that its so pretty!
 Here is my design which IMHO (In my honest opinion)  is a fail.  I didn't like this at all and apparently with the holographic polish being new to me I need to learn how to apply it and photograph it.  I stamped the image from a plate I got with a kit from the As Seen on TV store back in Ontario.  The plate is labelled B.  These were my first stamping plates and the designs are just meh.....

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