Friday, September 14, 2012

A is For Autobot (and U is for updates!)

Those who know me and have read past posts, know I am dealing with some health issues, I am getting better and I am going to tell you in this post my exciting plans for this blog!  First the picture above!  I just joined another nail group on Facebook called Llama Nails And once a week we have to do nail art that starts with the letters as we work out way through the alphabet. I didn't want to do the same as everyone else, so I thought for a while and started browsing through my stamping plates, I found my Transformers plate and Autobots nail art was made!!!

So I will tell you a bit more about my plans for this blog. And the reason why I am going to start putting so much dedication and awesomeness into its little corner of the web.  I moved across country 8 months ago and due to having extreme anxiety it is hard for me to leave the house so I haven't been able to get out and meet people.  I have been dwelling on my life back in Ontario and not adapting here. My friend and roommate gave me some awesome advice.  "You came out here for a new beginning, start living it!".  I have met some amazing people online which has done a great deal to fill the void and with technology today, I want to meet some awesome people online!  

So I plan to continue with my star blogs featuring blogs that I feel are awesome , I am interested in so many things and have so many hobbies that there will be a variety of blogs featured.

I have contacted some companies and hope to be able to start reviewing products and hopefully indie polishes if someone will give me the chance. I have been a bad girl and used my cell phone for these pictures because my husband has my camera put up to high to reach but when I start reviewing I will be bringing the camera down and giving the products some awesome pictures with witty fun and creative reviews!  I am a professional photographer and using my cell phone for pictures should be a crime!

I will also be sharing whatever is inspiring me at the moment weather it be movies music media

I will be sharing my photography

and last but not least all of my crafty creations and nail art creations.

I hope this all sounds exciting, I sure am excited for it!!  

Once I reach 100 followers I will be offering a giveaway!!


  1. I love the Autobots manicure.. I am eager to see all your new ideas....Keep up the great job!!

  2. My husband would love me forever if I had Autobot nails! Looking forward to your future posts.