Friday, May 4, 2012


I spend waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on the computer browsing blogs then I actually do creating or really doing anything for that matter. I have a huge to do list of stuff I would like to do and I keep adding but it never gets shorter.

Here is my dilemma.....

I love drawing, coloring art journalling, card making, scrap booking etc

I can't make up my flippin mind what I want to do it in, how I want to store my creations.  You wouldn't believe how much this drives me insane!  As I look at other people's blogs I think..ok maybe I want to do it in my Molskine (Yes I have one that I have maybe used 3 times and they are not cheap) because on other people's blogs they are oh so pretty when they are bursting at the seams...then I am like no, because I can't put everything in there. 

My other idea is a huge binder that zips up and I can use the page protector things (which I have as well) and that way all of my work can be stored in it safely..after I am getting this out I think it makes more sense to do it this way but I really want to fill a notebook up too so....

Maybe I can have my binder for my coloring, drawing scrapbooking, cards etc and then I can use a notebook for lists journalling etc and if I want to preserve anything really bad I can scan it and put it in my binder right?

Has anyone else had this dilemma?

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