Monday, April 30, 2012

WHY..Murphy's law?

I don't get it..I am obsessed with nail art, nail polish...everything nails and yet I am awful at doing them to my left hand..because I am left handed.  I get frustrated and then take off my nail polish and beat myself up because I am passionate about something I am no good at. Sound familiar?  Well it does to me. I expect everything I love and do that I can just pick it up and I will be amazing at it...that is not the case.  Oh well I got my one hand finished and took a picture...
I used for this Manicure BM04 Konad Special Polish-White and an unmarked blue/black polish

I know my mom has been popping by my blog because she misses me, she is a cat lover.  This one is for you mom!!

 Here is last weeks manicure.  I like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish strips this is "Check it Out" I had bought it at the makeup liquidation place back in Ontario for $2.99 which is a good deal however even though they were still sealed I found that they were drying out.  I wanted a little bling so I added a coat of Nicole by Opi "Make a Comet-ment" and topped it off with my Seche Vite! It lasted about 3 days before I started picking at it

 Any tips from anyone maybe reading my blog?  MUCH appreciated.

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  1. The cats are cute. And with the fish bones, super cute combination!