Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some Nail art ideas

I think that dear Hubby and I may have a touch of the flu so I am cuddled up in the living room char which is conveniently pushed up to the computer so I can still be entertained
Anyways back on topic.....

I love anything nail related and I have so many ideas but the biggest problem I have is not being able to grow my nails. Never have I grew my nails even the slightest bit because I always pick at them when  I'm anxious.  Recently I had gel nails on and I hated them to so I took them off and have been making a point everyday to file my nails and put a strengthener on, and smooth any rough parts so I am not tempted to pick.  And I haven't been painting them for the past couple days either and I am actually starting to get a little bit of growth. so as long as I stay disciplined I should be all right...I hope.  Regardless I still have ideas so I am going to get my hubby to buy me some of those nail wheels so I can get my creativity out on nails.  I begged my husband to let me use his nails which are big and perfect,..not long but he has big hands hence the big nails  He said that it would hurt his ego so I couldn't.  I promised I wouldn't tell anyone but he knows I would snap a picture or two of his hands and people would know that hey were not mine so it is a no go =(

Ideas that I would like to try

1)  Sunglasses- Bright neon ones for Summer to remind me that summer still is April 14 and we have snow..lots of it....ugh 

Is anyone reading my blog?  If you are leave me a comment!  I love comments and I would love to make some friends!  I don't know if my friends are still around from before I had my really long blogging break but it sure is lonely here and I would love to know that you stopped by!

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  1. You found my blog and left a comment a while ago. After a mini-break from the blog world over the last month or so, I'm checking yours out. :)