Saturday, April 14, 2012

Things I want to do but never have time for

I always get super amazing ideas of things I want to do but I never do them.  My Husband always says that I spend my time "researching" instead of "doing" which is true.  I barely have any new creativeness to show and I need to start start living!!!!!  So here is a working list of stuff I want to do right this very moment!!! (well maybe tomorrow as it is pretty late at night right now....)

1) Do some Griddler Puzzles - If you don't know what they are I suggest you google it.  It is a picture puzzle that creates gorgeous pictures when completed in a grid and the bonus is?  You can use them for cross stitching patterns when they are completed.  Do you do Griddlers?

2) Draw - I seriously need to draw more I love to draw and right now I got a book from the library

Seems like a pretty cool book with lots of ideas to get you to be more creative with your drawing time
3) When the snow melts..( Northern Alberta=snow in mid-April)  Go for walks and take pictures, lots of pictures...I am a photographer that's what I do!

4) Go Geocaching!! Don't know what that is either?  Google it too!! Super fun and you get some exercise at the same time!

5) Do my nails...there is NO excuse for having bare nails...period!

6) When everyone is at work, sing my heart out on Singsnap!  A super fun karaoke website!

(Everything here is just what  I love. No one has asked me to advertise anything mentioned)

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