Friday, November 2, 2012

October in Review...

I made myself a list of goals, and well...I wasn't too good with following through with them...... How did I do?

Editing my photo sessions is never ending
I did bake Apple Crisp Yum!!!
No yoga as I was too busy editing
NO money to go clothes shopping (and I really need to, I am losing weight and my pants are falling off!)
Didn't do any Halloween pins as I was busy editing
Not up to date with my photography blog
Didn't read a whole book
Started to clean up my files

So I didn't do so good but editing photos is very time consuming.  Here is hoping November is more productive.  I will be creating my goals in the next day or two!

Here are my nails for the month of October.  I haven't wrote down what I used but that will be a goal for November for sure....document EVERYTHING!

Anti-Bullying in Memory of Amanda Todd

Sally Hansen Salon Effects 

Breast Cancer Awareness

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