Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dream In Color - World Debut by Jindie Nails on Etsy

I am new to the indie polish scene, but realized it was extremely popular as I was reading nail blogs, so I decided to search for indie polishes that were my taste.  I figured the best way to search would be on Etsy, so I searched nail Polish and started looking at page after page of glittery goodness.  One polish caught my eye so I clicked on the seller and browsed through her polishes.  Jindie Nails was the seller and as I looked through her polishes I knew then, where my nail Polish budget for the week was going.  She  has an option that you can buy 10 minis of any polish and I figured that would be the best way to go.  That way I could have a bunch of her polishes and my Husband wouldn't be mad with my spending. I love her style of polishes.  I prefer dense glittery polishes and her shop is 3 pages of every polish I have to have. She is constantly releasing new collections and all of her polishes are unique and good quality.  You can tell that she gives a lot of thought to what she makes and I wouldn't be surprised if she dreams about new ideas at night.

Dream in Color is part of her brand new winter collection and when I first held this bottle on my hands I was thinking WOW!  This is the only polish I am going to wear for the next month or until it runs out.  Ideas of ways I could wear this polish just kept coming and when my Husband saw it, he grabbed the bottle from me and started twirling it around. He was just as mesmerized as I was. I was going to sit down and swatch this nail polish after I carved my Halloween pumpkin but I cut my finger close to my nail so I can't wear nail polish for a few more days.  I swatched the polish on a nail wheel so you could see its versatility.

Details - Neon Blue, Neon Green, Pink White and Black micro glitters jam packed in a clear base.  You also have the option of adding black, white or pink hearts to your bottle to make it a little more special!

From Left to Right (two coats on all)
1) Over Natural
2) Over Essie Blank
3) Over Orly Liquid Vinyl

I layered Dream in Color over Essie's NO Place Like Chrome from their Mirror Metallic's collection.  I love how it gives Dream in Color Depth and sparkle.

You can layer this over anything and it would look good. Metallic blues and silvers, a jelly Sandwich. There are so many ideas and ways you could wear this.  I will for sure be ordering a full size bottle of this ASAP!!

To see all of the goodness I am talking about RUN over to Jindie Nails!

Instagram @jindienails

* this polish was provided to me for my honest review by Jen owner of Jindie Nails.

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  1. Ha! I really did laugh out loud when I read the first part of the post :)! You're funny! Thank you very much, great job :)!