Saturday, November 24, 2012

Custom Nail Art review for Black & Blue and NOTD

 This has officially taken the place of the most interesting polish in my collection.  I have never owned a polish with bar glitter so I was hesitant about application, but I must say I am quite pleased with this polish. A clear base with large blue glitter and black bar glitter I layered it over white to make the black and blue pop.  That is the name of the polish and it needs to make it known to the world.  This polish looks good with just one coat but I put on two coats as I always do for any polish.  You do have to position the glitters to your liking but the formula makes this easy.

head over to Etsy and buy this while you can, I predict this will be a hot seller!

Custom Nail Art on Etsy
Two coats over Essie Blanc

Custom Nail Art on Etsy

*This polish was graciously provided by Custom Nail are for my honest review


Nail of the Day

This design I did really late at night when my eyes were getting heavy so the photo isn't the greatest. Instead of telling you what I used you can see for yourself in the picture below :)

Layla Holographic Mermaid spell Bundle Monster

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