Monday, November 26, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix Attraction VS Sally Hansen New Lengths #49

Previously I mentioned that I was going to go through my nail polish in order that I have swatched them:

Clipping from my previous post;

"Previously I have swatched all my nail polishes with no organization. Brands,Colors finishes etc, for the most part are scattered throughout the 20+ wheels I have. I want to prove to my Husband that I use all of my polishes so I will be comparing two polishes that can be similar or polar opposites whichever two are next on the wheel are against each other as I work my way through my polishes so you or I  will never know what is next.  And no matter how much I hate the polish or don't think the polishes go together I will not cheat!

Sounds kinda fun right? This will determine the bad from the good as well and polishes I will use for frankening, put up in a future blog sale/swap etc. If you decide to do this please let me know! I think it will be fun!

 China Glaze Magnetix - Attraction.  

It took me a couple of times to figure out the proper way to make the magnet work and I still am not that great.  I like this polish even without the magnetic effect.  The formula is awesome in my opinion and if I am using the magnet I use 1 coat but if I am not I use 2 as I normally do with all nail polishes for good measure.  I got this polish with the magnet at Sally's Beauty Supply.  It was actually my first time there.


Sally Hansen New Lengths - #49

I can't find a name for this polish or any information for that matter.  I also have no idea where I got it.  It is a very sheer satiny finish purple with micro glitter of the same color which does nothing for the polish to accent it so it is kind of pointless.  I hated this polish so much, probably because it is so old and with it being have empty I decided to remove it from my collection.  One night my room mate and I were hanging out and she frankened her first polish using this as a base which I will post later.

Top flash off - Bottom flash on

Total Knockout!!!

Winner China Glaze Magnetix - Attraction


Bye Bye Sally Hansen New lenghths #49

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