Thursday, August 23, 2012

Delays and Catching up...again!!

My transformation to blog awesomeness has been delayed and for good reason.  If you care to find out I am about to tell you but if not, you can skip right to the picture catch up!

As you know we moved across Canada almost 7 months ago and have been getting adjusted.  I suffer from mental illness as well as a thyroid problem so I knew that I would have to find a doctor when I got out here, not only to be monitored but to refill and make changes to my prescriptions etc.  We started going to this walk in Clinic and saw this doctor there that you could make appointments with and not just be a walk in which is awesome.  First couple of times we met him he was great but after that I kept leaving there thinking WTF this guy is a doctor???  He kept sending me for blood work and told me that my thyroid was almost normal but he was going to increase my dose... BIG mistake!!  It takes about 6 weeks for your body to notice any changes and coincidentally 6 weeks after my anxiety hit me like a train, I visited the emergency, and I became housebound.  We didn't realize it was my thyroid pill that was doing this to me at first but nothing else changed so we figured this had to be the culprit.  My case worker at the Mental Health booked me an appointment with a nurse practitioner and I struggled to leave the house but I went to my appointment  after two tries and told her what I thought was up.  She pulled up my blood work on the computer from when the doctor increased my meds and couldn't believe that he increased it in the first place!  So now I am back on a lower dose and even though I still am having major anxiety and pretty much housebound I am keeping my spirits high with the hope things will get better.  So this is why the blog awesomeness transformation as not been made. 

On with the pictures!!!

First my nails. I haven't been doing them very much either but I have a could of new ones to show you and I didn't keep track of what I used, and for this I am sorry....

This is Tristen.  The name Tristen means loud one and that he is!!!!
 So we had a photo shoot and before the clients arrived we found a tree and Ryan did this (doesn't he look sexy here?????
 And then I tried...not so sexy....

 While sitting on the porch one day we saw this little guy, we wouldn't touch him so he is sitting on a piece of wood.  He did smile for the camera though!!!


  1. You are so awesome....One day at a time. I am proud that you are on a good path. Awesome Pics...

  2. The star one is my favorite!!

  3. You will get there soon. Loved the pictures

  4. Such lovely photos!! :D
    I also suffer from mental illness (anxiety as well as others), and for a while I was house bound, too. While I do not suffer from thyroid problems, I do understand where you are coming from!!! I am actually on disability because of my mental illness. *Major hugs!!!* If you ever need to chat, please feel free to leave me a message! :) I am sorry to hear that you had so many troubles with that 'doctor'. That really sucks. :( I wish you happiness and health, and I hope that you get there very soon!!