Monday, May 20, 2013

Motivation Monday-May 20 2013

I am taking it day by day to get everything up and running again and what better way to start things off then with some motivation.  I know right now, Motivation is exactly what I need.  It went from Winter to Summer all within a week and a half in Edmonton Alberta. 

We moved from Ontario to Alberta last year and the climate is much different. Geographically speaking, we are much farther north on the map then what I am used to and instead of 4 seasons, here in Alberta we have Winter and Construction.  Winter this year lasted 7 months and came very quick so now the snow is gone there is 5 months to fix everything and get it ready for winter again.  It gets cold and we have winter but our summers are HOT.  As a fair amount of Satellite channels available up here are American channels, we are informed at temperatures in the states and in the summer we very often can have warmer days then even the hottest southern states.  Also no matter how long you live in Canada you never ever get used to the cold .

If you are a Canadian reader, today is Victoria Day.  It is a Statutory Holiday otherwise known as May "2-4" (2-4=case of beer) This is the first long weekend to kick off the summer. It is to celebrate the Birthday Of the late Queen Victoria but I have never seen any celebrations in her honor....ever. I read that they are in the works of possibly changing the name to "First Nations" Day to celebrate the Aboriginal Population. Anyways point being, many of my Canadian readers are quite possibly very hung over so this Motivation is for all my international friends :)

We picked up my roommate at the Airport yesterday and as we were waiting for her at the Arrivals Gate, I discovered a natural remedy to uplift your spirits if you are having a bad day. 
No matter how depressed, cranky, tired, or irritated you are, I guarantee you, that people watching at the airport "arrivals: gate will make you smile, and give you that warm fuzzy feeling.  
For the most part people are seeing their friends or loved ones they may have not seen for a while, and seeing the looks on a persons face when they see whom they are searching for among the crowd is priceless.  Yesterday was a very high anxiety day for me and this seemed to help a bit.  

After deciding to share that with you I knew right away I wanted to share a song with you that I feel fits in this post perfectly.  It is a song I love listening to when I feel positive and I love that she is Canadian

Celine Dion- You and I

 this Quote and I wanted to share it. Think it, absorb it, remember it!!

If my post didn't make you smile at least once then I have provided you with Plan B...

P.S The benefits to reading this far and commenting on today's post will get you 10 extra entries into my giveaway I will be announcing this week!  I ask you;

 Did my post make you smile today?  Which part made you smile?

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  1. Audrey Hepburn quotes always make me smile. Have a magnificent monday. I am off to finish laundry and then finally take a nap :D

    1. Sounds like a good productive Monday! Hope you got you laundry done!

  2. Replies
    1. I am addicted to reading blogs! It is a great way to make new online firends!