Thursday, May 23, 2013

Introducing Kandistar Polish!

Presenting the Kandistar Polish A Star is Born Collection!

I wanted to give you guys a special offer for my launch collection of my Indie Polishes! I am extending this to my blog followers and some Facebook Groups I am involved with or manage, before I launch to everyone. 

These will be limited edition polishes. I am doing things a little different in the beginning to see if people even like my polishes.  If they are selling and people like my creations enough to buy them I will be opening a shop online.  I just don't want to jump in without testing the waters.  To keep the costs low I will be making them as they are ordered instead of having an overstock of them. Also that means your polish will be fresh and made just for you!  

Large 15ML will be 7.50+shipping

Small 5ML ones will be 4.50+shipping

Those prices are exclusive to you guys! 

If you are interested in purchasing these limited edition polishes, please email me 
photographybykandistar (at) hotmail (dot) ca
(remove the brackets and insert proper symbols please)

I have been using the Alias “Kandistar” for several years for all of my creative pursuits. So when I decided to launch an indie polish line  I wanted it to be Kandistar Polish.

For my debut polishes I wanted to incorporate the word “star” into all the names so these polishes would be clearly recognizable as my launch polishes. I decided on creating 6 polishes with names I felt portrayed the polish.  My polishes are the “Big 3-Free” and they are all made by hand from scratch using a glamour base, cosmetic grade and top quality pigments and solvent resistant glitter.  Those that are observant will notice I created my debut line in my favorite color. When asked “What is your favorite color?” My reply is always “Rainbow!” 

This polish is the mail polish in my debut collection. I named it to represent the birth of my indie polishes. I wanted something bright bold with an impact, to simulate in my mind what the birth of a star actually looks like.

Blue duo-chrome shimmer base, with teal hex, holo silver slices, and neon blue micro hexes. For this polish I pictured an amazing evening sky covered in stars, the silver slices representing the stars as they fall across the night sky.  As I made this polish I pictured myself lying in a field looking up and thinking how big the universe really is trying to count the millions of stars that are above.

A cherry red base with medium white hexes, black slices and small gold holo hex
My inspiration for this polish was the colors of  a movie premiere, the red for the carpet all the Movie Stars walk down, the black slices for long film strips and the medium white Hexes for the picture within the film strip (think black and white old silent films).  The gold holo hexes top the polish off as they are the “stars” themselves.

A light orange base with micro neon yellow hex, medium silver holo hex and a dash of small teal hex
This polish was inspired by not only the first star we see when we look up in the night sky but the beautiful orange glow the sky lights up at twilight just before the sun sets. The micro neon yellow hexes represent the sun, the orange base represents the orange glow of the sky, the medium holo hex represents the bright stars in the night sky and I added the dash of small teal hex to represent the transition from day to night

This polish is a pale green with small aqua hexes, medium silver holo hexes and small holo gold hexes was inspired by what superstars are lavished with after their huge rise to success.  Money, diamonds and gold is what I imagine every superstar dreams of.

My inspiration for this polish was to make it look magical. I thought of a certain Disney movie that featured the beautiful song “When you wish upon a star”  I believe for your wish to come true you have to wish on the biggest, brightest star that you can see.  The shimmer yellow base, medium silver holo hexes and the silver holo slices I created to look like my vision of a wish being granted

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