Friday, January 4, 2013

Silver nails... silver nails.........

So the first thing that came to mind for my Blog title was the Christmas Carol "Silver Bells" Seems I still have Christmas on the mind.  But I cleverly changed the words ;) and now we have a new polish related song....yes...I know....don't quit my day job.

I'm two days behind as I knew I would be with the Crumpet's Nail Tarts 31 day Challenge, but I will complete it on "Kandistar Time"

I promise everything I put on my nails is silver, except it photographed different.  
Sinful Colors Hot Wired as a Base
Taped using Nail tape from Pamela in my Birthday Month Group.
Topped with Color Club Harp On It  from Charis in my Birthday Month Group
(More details on the Birthday Month group below)
Make sure to go to the bottom of this post and check out all of the other awesome silver nails!!!

So I saw Birthday Month Groups on an assortment of other blogs and I decided I wanted to create a group on Facebook in which there are groups of 12, one for each month.  Each month you are responsible for mailing a polish related gift valued at 20.00 not including shipping to each of the 11 other participants.  When it is your Birthday month you receive 11 packages in return!  My Birthday was in December and pictured below is all the gifts I received!!!!  You will notice 2 extra and that is because we couldn't gather enough people to fill up the second group so we have two birthdays in January and Two in September.  If you join the next group that is filling up and your birthday month is already taken you can pick a different month or wait until the next group after that is starting to fill.  We also ask for your wish lists, polishes and anything nail related you have been drooling over forever and the others in your group try their best to fulfil your wishes, chatting privately in another temporary group to correspond, make sure no one is buying doubles and to try to get as much on their wish list as they can.  Come join us!! Click on the picture below!

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  1. I like the shooting starts over that awesome holo polish!