Sunday, October 14, 2012

The end...and the Beginning!

The time has finally arrived.  I have finished my wedding photography season and besides a couple of small photo sessions I do not have any weddings until next year!  So relieved, it is exhausting being the photographer the runner, the coordinator, the bustle fixer, the fight solver and the list goes on and on, a wedding photographer is in close quarters with the couple all day and anything that may go wrong or if  assistance is needed for anything, your camera goes aside and you are rolling up your sleeves to help!

I have been a phone blogger for most of my posts, uploading pictures and posting from my phone but I am going to start reviewing polishes for some pretty awesome indie polish makers and I am going to be having awesome features on my blog

As you know I am having a giveaway right now, and my followers have tripled in numbers.  I just hope you all stick around after the giveaway as I will be doing something for my loyal followers near Christmas ;)

No post should go without a picture or two so I will leave you with a picture my Roommate took of our dog...

And one I took the day we got him, its nothing special as far as photography is concerned but he is still cute.

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