Sunday, October 28, 2012

No Foil

 I don't know if anyone else has written about this but I always hear of people using the foil method to take off glitter.  To me, that is one extra unnecessary step.  I was taking of my Polish which was Frankenstein Spit by Jindie Nails and thought I would show you what I did to save some aluminum foil.  Please excuse my nails and surrounding areas, I was taking my polish off so it isn't to pretty...

Frankenstein Spit by Jindie Nails Over Color Club Revvolution 

I used Quo By Orly Polish Remover with Acetone.  I turned the bottle once onto the pad

 I only have one circle which is perfect for one nail on the pad, which means I can use this pad for more then one nail in most cases

 Wrap the pad against the nail and hold it for 3 minutes

 Remove the pad, most of the polish will be gone, sometimes you might have to do one more swipe which I had to do here (again sorry about my gross thumb)

And That is it!  This is really easy and I personally don't understand why you have to use the foil method.  This polish is extremely difficult to remove just by rubbing the nail, it does need the remover to soak it a bit for it to lift off.  I have tried this method with other glitters to and never used foil.
And so you can get a laugh, this is what I woke up to Friday morning...BAD DOG!


  1. I think the foil is mostly to keep the soaked cotton on the nail & the polish remover from evaporating. I take off my glitter with cotton balls soaked in acetone & left on the nail for a couple minutes, more or less like you do.

    Bad dog indeed! It reminds me of coming home from Thanksgiving a couple of years ago to discover one of our cats decided she wasn't going to use the auto-scooping litter boxes anymore. We had 5 days worth of kitty business 'hidden' under the kitchen rugs. My sympathy on the clean up!

  2. Foil method is so you can do it faster and like Inky said, to keep the remover from evaporating. Instead of doing one nail at a time, I can do 5. Or you could just do the PVA base coat method and avoid the glitter removal time.